When Did Qatar Airways Win Its First Skytrax Award?

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways UK has been serving the international aviation industry for quite some time now. The airline’s commitment and dedication to providing exceptional air travel services for passengers has helped it achieve its status as one of the prominent 5-star airlines in the world. Whether you are travelling economy class on a budget; business class for leisure or work purposes or opting for a luxurious first-class travel experience – the airline guarantees immaculate service for all.

Qatar Airways stands as one of the leading air carriers worldwide. The airline also has received recognition in the international market by receiving various awards and certifications. One of the prominent awards in this regard is by Skytrax International – a credible airline and airport review and ranking site.

What is Skytrax International?

As stated earlier, Skytrax is an organization that reviews airlines as well as airports based on the services they offer. The organization has been a prominent award giver for the title known as ‘World Airline Awards’ since 1999. Not only these awards are prestigious in the aviation industry, but also directly reflect the passengers’ opinions of different airlines across the globe.

The Skytrax World Airline Awards are counted among the most prestigious awards to be given to an airline in the aviation industry. As the base of these awards are first-hand surveys and reviews from millions of passengers worldwide, it is a reflection of what the airlines are actually delivering to the end customer.

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When did Qatar Airways win its first Skytrax award?

Qatar Airways won its first Skytrax Award in the year 2001 at the Paris Air Show for the title named “Best Economy Class”, therefore, marking a significant achievement for the airline. After receiving this award, not only was the airline recognized for its dedication to providing high-quality service to passengers of economy class but also became a first preference of international travellers opting for budget travel.

Date and location

During the year 2001, Qatar Airways received its first-ever award from Skytrax International at the Paris Air Show – one of the prominent awards shows in the global aviation industry. The airline was awarded the title for the best economy class.

Best Economy class

Economy class is a budget travel class of the majority of airlines that offer the lowest ticket prices and average services. However, with Qatar Airways, that’s not the case. The airline fully invests in providing a comfortable, hassle-free and premium travel experience even for economy-class passengers. Therefore, comfortable seating, inflight entertainment, complimentary meals, generous baggage allowance as well and free amenities come standardized in the economy class of Qatar Airways.

Winning this award not only set the bar high for all the economy class cabins of different airlines but also paved the way for excellence for Qatar Airways in the future. That, in turn, attracted more travellers and generated more revenue for the airline.

Further awards

After receiving the first-ever Skytrax award in 2001, Qatar Airways continued to excel in the aviation industry by receiving top titles. Prominently including, the ‘World’s Best Airline” award that the airline has won multiple times.

In addition, Qatar Airways also won numerous awards for its premium cabins i.e., business class and first class along with the luxury airport lounges, and in-flight services that the airline has to offer the passengers.

Since then, the airline has invested in a modern fleet and kept its services state of the art to minimize any travel hassle for the passenger and maximize ease of travel. As a result, Qatar Airways remains among the top airlines in the world to date.

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