What type of Covid test is required for Qatar Airways?

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In order to travel on Qatar Airways Cheap flights during the pandemic, travellers had to show proof that they had a negative Covid-19 test. Anyone else would not have been able to get on the plane. To keep everyone safe, the airline had a very strict screening process to get rid of anyone who either didn’t get a COVID-19 test or tested positive for the virus.

In this case, the companies used a variety of testing techniques and methods. Some chose to use PCR testing, while others also used the Rapid Antigen Test. It was agreed upon that a PCR test gave the most accurate and dependable results.

Know these things about the kind of Covid-19 test that Qatar Airways wants you to take.


PCR Test:

In a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, the genetic material of the virus is found in a sample of the person’s breathing system. This sample can be taken from the nose or throat.

People think that the PCR test is one of the best and most effective ways to diagnose COVID-19. In this way, PCR test results were accepted by Qatar Airways and many other foreign airlines as part of their COVID-19 testing requirements before a flight. Qatar Airways Manage Booking also facilitates the passengers of the Qatar Airways to upload their medical and travel documents.


It was important to think about when the PCR test would be done in relation to your flight departure date. Because people have to take the PCR test at the right time so that the results are still valid for the whole flight, whether they are flying straight or stopping at other airports. The exact deadlines may be different depending on the location and the airline’s rules, but they are usually between 48 and 72 hours before the flight.

A PCR test that was more than that old could not be sent in.

Negative Test Result:

People had to make sure that their PCR test result was negative for COVID-19 before they could get on the plane. There is no way for someone to fly with the company if they test positive. That’s why Qatar Airways required passengers to show a valid medical certificate or test result from a recognised testing centre that showed the passenger had a negative PCR test.


It was essential to have the appropriate documentation for your PCR test result for Covid-19. It should indicate the;

  • Time and date of testing.
  • The name of the testing facility.
  • Type of test conducted (PCR)
  • Passenger’s information matching their travel documents.
  • A printed copy of the test result.

Testing Facilities:

In order to keep safety standards high and make things easier for passengers, airlines chose different testing centres where people could get their PCR tests done. So, do-it-yourself (DIY) or self-administered tests were not usually allowed for travel.

Additional Requirements:

Along with the PCR test, some destinations had other health and safety standards that passengers had to meet. As an example;

  • Completing health declaration forms.
  • Providing contact information for contact tracing.
  • Adhering to quarantine or isolation measures upon arrival.

1.         Rapid Antigen Test:

Finding certain proteins on the surface of the virus is part of the Rapid Antigen testing methods. Some companies will only let you fly if you pass this type of test, and they have their own rules about when you can take it, what you need to bring with you, and what the results mean.

Since COVID-19 was only a PCR test, Qatar Airways did not need the rapid antigen test. At Qatar Airways control booking, you can find out everything you need to know about the situation right now.


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