The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Jawai, Rajasthan

Things to Do in Jawai, pali rajasthan

We want breaks often to relax and revive lost energy and vigour. And the best way to do so is by going on a trip to relax your mind and body. But where and why? Jawai, Pali at the Thour Nature Resort is one to go and enjoy several other activities.

Where is Jawai and How to Reach There?

Jawai is located in Bali Tehsil in the district of Pali, Rajasthan. It’s known for its beautiful nature, rugged hills, low-lying countryside, small dams and rivers, and temples, which offer great scenery for the weary tourist. This is reason enough to relax your mind. And it is always advisable to visit between March and October to enjoy the maximum tourist season.

how to reach jawai bandh

  • By Road: Jawai is located close to national highways 27, 58, and 62, which connect other districts of Rajasthan and India. The road network is fully smooth, and travel time is reduced due to this factor. You can travel by personal car, taxi, or bus on the road to reach Jawai, Pali.
  • By Train: There are three railway stations closest to Jawai Leopard Park, including Mori Bera and Falna. Check the local train timings to reach Jawai, Pali cost-effectively and comfortably on time.
  • By Air: The nearest airports are Udaipur and Jodhpur airports, although they are located 150 and 172 kilometers, respectively, away from Jawai Leopard Reserve in Pali district.

Why Visit Jawai Pali and Things to Do There?

There are several reasons to go to Jawai, Pali, from nature and wildlife conservation to the famous Thour Nature Resort, perfectly situated close to the Leopard Park. You get chances for jungle safaris to see the leopards and birds.

The Ultimate Guide to What to Do in Jawai, Pali, Rajasthan

Experience the Sightseeing and Nature Treks

If you love treks and adventurous walks, this is the best place for you. You will be relaxed and fully revived by the local adventures.

Blissful Nights and Calm Days in the Thour Nature Resort Luxury Tents

Experience beautiful memories of times well spent in the lap of nature. Be it a candlelit dinner, a perfect brunch, or lunch, the settings are meant to give you the experience of a lifetime.

thour nature resorts

Full-Day Jawai Safari Package to Spot the Leopards and Other Wildlife

Get unforgettable memories of your Jawai trip with a jungle safari ride. Or a village safari to learn about local communities and traditions. You can also try out the local foods made with firewood for a different taste. The morning and evening Jawai leopard safari and bird watching will excite you tremendously.

jawai leopard safari

Local Rajasthani Cuisines to Appreciate India’s Rich Food Diversity

Rajasthan has its own food diversity, and each region within the state presents you with mainstream and localised food preparations. If you are the adventurous type and open to new food experiences, Jawai, Pali, is a good place to start. Global cuisines can be ordered if you wish to stick to your tried and trusted native food habits.

Buy and Take Home Mementos from Local Artisans and Artists

Local artisans feed off the local tourist flow to prosper and grow. Be it wood, clay, earthenware, paintings, cloth, or other forms of expressive art, support goes a long way.

Add Temple Visits and Rich Photography Options.

You will be overwhelmed by the opportunities to try your photography skills on rich sites and backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

Jawai, Pali, Rajasthan has a special holiday vibe of its own with abundant nature and wildlife. And Thour Nature Resort adds a unique perspective to enjoying it all. Natural beauty mesmerizes in Jawai, Pali. This resort in jawai offers you many chances to relax in the lap of nature with majestic scenery. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Jawai holiday now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Thou Nature Resorts, Pali.

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