Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment


Have you ever desired your hair might be thicker and stronger again? Experiencing early baldness can lead to feelings of distress. Hair loss is a prevalent condition that impacts a significant portion of the global population. We are aware of the hardships associated with dealing with hair loss. But do not worry anymore we have a solution.

Hair loss treatments are a perfect solution to this problem.

Hair Loss Treatment (علاج فراغات الشعر بالرياض)

The issue of loss of hair or thinning can be treated and managed using a variety of methods, products, and techniques. They seek to either stop future hair loss, promote the growth of new hair, or enhance the look of already existing hair. Treatments for hair loss come in a variety of forms, from medical procedures to home cures. 


The effects of these treatments might differ based on the method used, the underlying reason for hair loss, a patient’s genetics, and adherence to the treatment schedule. Prescription shampoos and topicals can enhance scalp health and hair look, while medications like minoxidil and finasteride frequently result in decreased hair loss and enhanced hair growth in many people. While platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy could improve hair density and general health, hair growth laser devices might only result in minor hair thickening.

Who is an ideal candidate?

A person who is balding, losing hair, or has a receding hairline and wants to address these issues is a good candidate for hair loss treatments. An individual’s general health, the reason, and stage of their hair loss, as well as their objectives and expectations, can all affect whether they are a candidate for a certain treatment.


Following are some of the advantages

  • Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence: It can significantly affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. Confidence and a more positive self-image are frequently enhanced by effective treatments.
  • Improved look: Thick, full hair produced by effective hair loss treatments may give a person a more young and energetic look. 


  • Reduced Psychological distress: For some people, hair loss can lead to mental anguish, worry, and even despair. These psychological loads can be reduced by effective therapy.


  • Flexibility in Hairstyling: With increased hair density and coverage, people have more freedom to experiment with various hairstyles.

Pre Care:

  • Consult a specialist: To learn about your options and select the best course of action for you, speak with a doctor or hair specialist.


  • Learn About therapies: Do some research and find out what to expect from various therapies.


  • Set Reasonable Expectations: Recognise that outcomes might differ and have a realistic outlook.


  • Healthy lifestyle: For better treatment outcomes, eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise, and handle stress.


  • Avoid Self-Treatment: Consult a professional before using any unproven products.


Some of the different types are


Minoxidil: A topical medication called minoxidil encourages hair growth while also reducing hair loss.

Finasteride: An oral medicine that works to suppress hormone-related variables that contribute to hair loss.

Topical solutions: prescription shampoos and lotions that promote healthy hair growth on the scalp by using substances like corticosteroids or ketoconazole.

Laser Treatment:

Low-level laser devices that stimulate hair follicles and promote growth include laser combs and helmets.

Treatment using platelet-rich plasma (PRP):

A method that involves injecting concentrated blood platelets into the scalp to promote hair growth.

Surgery for hair transplants:

Hair follicles are moved from one place to another using procedures like follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) to produce outcomes that seem natural.

SMP: Scalp Micropigmentation

a non-surgical procedure that mimics hair follicles by using pigments, giving the scalp a more dense appearance.

Dietary supplements:

supplements with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are said to promote healthy hair.


Consultation: Arrange a talk with a doctor or a hair specialist beforehand. They will evaluate your health, and talk with you about your objectives.

Medical Evaluation: Your medical history, present state of health, and any underlying disorders will be assessed during the consultation to make sure the recommended course of action is secure and suitable for you.

therapy Options: Your healthcare practitioner will suggest a particular course of therapy that fits your requirements and objectives in light of the examination.

Preparation for Treatment: Carefully follow any pre-treatment instructions that were given, if any. This can entail staying away from certain medicines or behaviours that might undermine the efficacy of the treatment.

Depending on the therapy selected, this stage may look different:

  • Topical Treatments: Apply the recommended drug or solution to the scalp as instructed.
  • Laser Equipment: follow the manufacturer’s directions and concentrate on the scalp’s trouble spots.
  • Surgical treatment, which entails removing donor hair and implanting it into the thinning regions, for surgical operations (such as hair transplants).


  • Stick to the recommendations your doctor told you following the procedure.
  • It will take some time before you notice the full effects.
  • Use gentle hair care products and stay away from harsh chemicals.
  • Use a hat or sunscreen to protect your scalp from the sun’s rays.
  • Healthy eating and adequate hydration are essential for healthy hair.
  • Avoid pulling on your hair or scalp.
  • Give your hair a break from tight trends with loose hairstyles.
  • Keep the follow-up visits that your doctor advised you to.
  • Continue to practice stress reduction and exercise.

Cost of Hair Loss Treatments:

At our Enfield Royal Clinic, we offer effective Hair loss treatment in Riyadh and provide affordable options for Hair Transplant costs. The pricing for various hair treatments varies based on individual factors and uniqueness. Several factors contribute to the initial price, including:

Factors affecting the cost:

  • Type of Treatment
  • Treatment Area
  • The Severity of Hair Loss
  • Location

Best Hair Loss Treatment Surgeon:

The process of achieving hair regeneration through treatments requires careful monitoring and utilizes cutting-edge technology. Our clinic gives patients access to top-tier medical professionals who are furnished with cutting-edge equipment. They are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and receive efficient Hair Loss Treatments.

Get the Treatment now!

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