Conceive Naturally: Give Birth to a Healthy Baby during Stress

Give Birth to a Healthy Baby during Stress

Conceive Naturally: Are you trying to conceive for quite some time? If yes, then you should know about not feeling stressed for it. The gynaecologist may ask women, “Can you get stressed when you are stressed?” “Will stress affect the chances of becoming pregnant?” Continue reading this post to get answers for all your questions.

How stress can affect the chances of becoming pregnant?

The truth is having little stress from time to time won’t affect your fertility in anyway though there is some connection between extreme stress and fertility. When you suffer from stress, there might be two things that affect your chances of getting pregnant:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • An ovulation

Decreased sex drive might be somewhat distressing, particularly when you try for a baby. You are not in the mood of enjoying sex and you do not have enough sex with your partner for conceiving.

On the other hand, an ovulation occurs when you do not release an egg. In the case you are not ovulating, there aren’t any chances for you to become pregnant. Extreme level of stress may disrupt your ovulation.

Can you still try for a baby when you are stressed?

Trying to conceive might be quite stressful for the couples and stress mostly occurs due to the failure of getting pregnant even after trying for several months. Some women like to put pressure on themselves for conceiving as it is really important for them.

Though it is normal to take time for conceiving naturally, couples take the pressure of trying to conceive when months pass and they fail to see positive line on their pregnancy kit.

There is also the stress that couples feel from having frequent intercourse while they try for a baby. Some may link stress of trying to conceive with infertility but it could be simple as couples may not know when they should have intercourse. This is the reason taking an ovulation test can be of great help.

How ovulation tests can take stress out of trying for a baby

Ovulation tests may help by denoting accurately when you will ovulate. This makes it quite easy to plan when you should have sex so you can conceive naturally. Couples need to focus more on timed intercourse when they are trying for a baby.

How women can relax when trying to conceive

There are many ways to lessen stress when trying to get pregnant and it may be a case of trial and error to find out what will work for you. Let’s discuss 10 ways to decrease stress when trying to conceive.

How infertility can affect your mental health

Infertility can be the reason for your rollercoaster of emotions that can cause anxiety to expectation and it may be very difficult for the couples to tolerate it together. Besides, the struggle of conceiving naturally is usually felt and processed differently. This emotional difference may be the reason for tension in the relationship and stressful feelings. Also, the struggles with infertility should be shared as couples want to support each other during the entire process. Couples will be encouraged to be sensitive to each other despite the hurdles they face which do not allow them to become parents thus, creating relationship problems.

Infertility can strengthen the feelings of sadness, anger and depression. Stress might affect a person’s overall health and well-being in an adverse way. So, it is crucial to try to lessen stress levels. If you are have trouble in dealing with negative feelings for infertility, then speak with the gynaecologist for getting mental support during this time.

7 Ways to lessen stress when you want to conceive

  1. Lower caffeine levels – People feel caffeine can function in a better way though it may increase your anxiety when you drink a lot.
  2. Acupuncture and massage – Therapies like massage and acupuncture have helped many women to relax on their journey for fertility. So, it is worthy enough to try out.
  3. Work out – Doing regular exercise is good to improve your physical health. A moderate workout can really do wonders for proper functioning of your lung and heart health. Yoga is good for calming the nerves and getting good night’s sleep, though you should not do high intensity work out late at night as it may keep you awake.
  4. Meditate – Though meditation may be something odd or too good to be true, there is a link between regular meditation and improved brain health. You just have to do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes on a daily basis for creating a difference.
  5. Take bubble bath – Among the cost-effective ways is to enjoy a sense of luxury and relaxation by taking bubble bath. If you can find some leisure time, then go for it definitely.
  6. Lessen intake of alcohol – Like excessive intake of caffeine, drinking alcohol may affect your central nervous system and is stress-feeder. It can also hamper your fertility and so, you should cut it down right away when trying to get pregnant.
  7. Conduct fertility check– When couples try to have a baby, they need to conduct fertility check on time. This will enable them to know whether everything is okay and they can have a safe pregnancy.

Having chronic stress may cause havoc in your body and affect your health. This can impact your fertility and chances of conceiving naturally. You need to take good care of yourself and lessen stress levels though stress is not directly linked with your ability of getting pregnant. But an ovulation and decreased libido may have an impact on your chances of pregnancy.

You need to see a gynae expert at the London based gynaecology clinic and know your chances of getting pregnant even with too much stress.

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