What is Dedicated Internet Access and its Use?

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Internet connections can be of several types. Dedicated internet access is the most secure type of connection. It can be best for businesses that want to invest in private lines. Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group is the service provider of DIA (Dedicated Internet Access). It views this solution to be vital for users aiming to grow their business. This is possible because of the seamless uses offered by this solution. They can thoroughly comprehend these uses by learning more about dedicated internet access (DIA) and who it is best for. Depending on the provider, they can get varied features as well. BOL by BEXIMCO Group is known for its innovative service mechanism.

What is DIA or Dedicated Internet Access?

DIA, in the simplest terms, is an internet connection with a high speed. Also known as dedicated internet access, this is a connection that is provided to a specific business. Thus, it is not a shared connection. It can be privately used to experience not only a high-speed but secure connection too.

Who can Use Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated internet access is a solution that can be used by many businesses. Companies, startups, and even individual users can access it. Overall, this solution is the best for businesses who require their own internet connection, explains Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group. The use of DIA is also suggested for those who require executing secure internet operations. This private line of service can enable them to greatly rely on this service.

What is the Use of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

As per BEXIMCO Group, businesses can use DIA as a speedy connection. They can rely on the quality of the service to conduct online operations without interruptions. Particularly for sharing heavy files, audio-video work, etc., the use of dedicated internet access is observed. Users can depend on this solution for more purposes too such as network security, downloads, and uploads.

  1. Functioning as a Private and Secure Connection

An important use of DIA is that it works as a private internet connection. For this reason, it can ensure immense security. As opposed to shared connections, working via this operation can enable the secure exchange of information.

The access to the service will remain private. Hence, the user will experience no network security threats with respect to the use of this service.

  1. For Scalability

Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group believes that, scalability is an important aspect businesses aim to focus on. This use can be completed with dedicated internet access. Businesses that are new to industries should rely on this service. Through DIA, startups or businesses can avail scalability by managing a huge data set. They can also share this data using the service.

  1. Speedy Downloads and Uploads

With services like dedicated internet access, information can be uploaded across platforms with all speed. Likewise, data can be downloaded without interruptions related to slow connections. Such a speed is possible because DIA remains a private connection. Hence, uploads and downloads can be conducted with ease.

Who is the Best Provider of DIA in Bangladesh?

Users in Bangladesh can avail of DIA through Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group, provider of the best internet solution in Bangladesh, has been providing this service for years. It is a reliable provider that is associated with several submarine cable systems. These include International Terrestrial cable, SEA-ME-WE-4, as well as SEA-ME-WE5 systems. Hence, the connection becomes extremely reliable.

Users of dedicated internet access can fulfill numerous purposes with BOL:

  • They can complete their operations with fiber optic connections.
  • Businesses are provided with good bandwidth.
  • Information can be uploaded and downloaded at a good speed.
  • Access to live servers is given.
  • They can use routers as well as upstream providers.
  • DIA connections are supported using WAN/LAN for seamless usage.
  • Browsing is ensured to users without any limits.
  • Virtual Private Network applications can be completed.
  • Solutions like video conferencing can further be supported with DIA connections.
  • It is supportive of multimedia connections too.
  • Businesses can check traffic load through features like MRTG or Multi Router Traffic Grapher.

All in All,

As per Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group, dedicated internet access is a secure connection. It is the most useful for businesses. As they have to engage in numerous operations, connections like DIA can offer security too. With providers like the best internet solution in Bangladesh, BOL by BEXIMCO Group businesses in Bangladesh can easily access this solution. They can get a multitude of features as well for completing their operations.

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