Wedding Decorations: The Latest Trends for 2023

Wedding decorations help set the tone and style for the entire event. Whether you want an elegant ballroom or a whimsical garden party, your decor choices establish the ambiance. For 2023, couples are embracing bold colors, dramatic lighting, greenery, and personalized details to make their weddings shine. Read on for some of the hottest trends in wedding venue decor right now.

Color Palettes

Don’t be afraid to use vibrant, saturated hues when planning your wedding palette. Vibrant colors like magenta, emerald green, and rich purple are replacing traditional white and pastel schemes. These colors look great on linens, flowers, lighting, and any accent decor items. Just pick one bold color and incorporate different tints and tones of it throughout your wedding.

Blue is also having a major moment for weddings. From navy to powder blue, all shades of blue convey a relaxing and romantic vibe. Turquoise accents also pair nicely with gold decor elements. Sage green is another top pick for eco-friendly or garden weddings. For a timeless and elegant feel, you can’t go wrong with black, white and gold.

Creative Lighting

Lighting helps set the mood for the entire event. Instead of generic white string lights, get creative with colored bulbs, lanterns, neon signs, gobos and uplighting. Programmable LED lights allow you to change colors and effects to match the energy at different points in your reception. Candlelight remains a classic choice for centerpieces and accent lighting. Hang strands of Edison bulbs or Chinese lanterns for a ambient glow. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, use trees and gardens to your advantage by hanging lights above open spaces.

Lush Greenery

Greenery is replacing flowers as the top decorative element at weddings. Ferns, leaves, vines and trees add organic elegance without looking overly fussy. Greenery garlands can be draped along head tables, ceremony arches, and stair railings. For centerpieces, pair loose leafy accents with candles and minimal flowers for a modern look. Suspended greenery over dining tables also creates an intimate feel. Take advantage of any natural trees and plants at your wedding venue in South Wales or near you by accenting them with hanging lights or ribbons. For tropical or backyard weddings, go all out with palm leaves, monstera leaves, and other tropical greenery.

Personalized Decor

Today’s couples want their weddings to feel like a true reflection of their personal styles. Incorporate personalized elements into your decor to make things feel special and intimate. Display custom welcome signs featuring your names, wedding hashtag and date. During the ceremony, consider a customized unity ritual like painting on a canvas together or planting a tree. Photo backdrops with your names or wedding date make fun photo booth props. For reception seating, use maps, postcards or drawings of special locations as table numbers. Whatever your interests and hobbies, find small ways to highlight your unique love story through personalized decor.

Suspended Decor

Suspended decor adds lofty style and dimension to any wedding space. The most popular look right now is suspended florals. Hang flower balls, wreathes and single stems of greenery or blooms above dining tables for a striking hanging garden aesthetic.

Ornamental chandeliers also look stunning when hung above the dance floor or head table. Other trending suspended decor ideas include paper bell lanterns, cascading fabric, floating candles, and string lights. For outdoor weddings, use trees as the perfect anchor for dangling vases, signs, bells or tissue paper poms. The possibilities are endless for taking your decor to new heights!

Gold Accents

Gold finishing touches lend a hint of glamour to any wedding style. Metallic gold decor naturally catches the light, lending a feeling of elegance. Gold works equally well for formal hotel ballrooms and bohemian backyard bashes. Try gold rimmed flatware and barware for an elevated reception. Gold vases, candlesticks and jewelry boxes add striking accents to tables. For a show-stopping ceremony backdrop, hang a geometric gold archway adorned with greenery. Other fun gold details include brass instrument table numbers, gold rimmed menus, gold flatware, sparkling gold dance floors and even gold thrones for newlyweds.

Marble & Terrazzo

For a contemporary yet timeless reception style, marble and terrazzo are rising decor trends. Due to their veining and color variations, marble and terrazzo pieces add natural artistry. Terrazzo is fabricated from concrete and pieces of glass or marble for a speckled look. Use slabs of marble or terrazzo as serving surfaces at food and beverage stations.

For receptions with round tables, terrazzo table tops paired with gold bases create striking focal points. You can also find marble patterned or terrazzo patterned linens, wallpapers, Signage and print materials to carry the aesthetic throughout your event. If your venue has marble floors or other existing marble architectural details, build upon those to create a seamless decor scheme.

Food Presentation

In addition to the flavors, pay attention to food presentation when planning your catering menus. Couples are choosing dishes that visually pop for a festive atmosphere. Brightly colored sauces and glazes on proteins give basic dishes an artful twist.

Frothy goat cheese salads, handheld crab cakes with vibrant chimichurri, and dumplings with green curry coconut sauce are all hot menu items with eye-catching plating. If you’re serving family style, pick shareable bites like tapas, flatbreads and skewers presented in waves down the center of the table. For dessert, walls of macarons in every color provide a rainbow candy bar vibe.


Neon lighting has been growing in popularity at weddings and offers a retro, lively vibe. Use neon signs as ceremony or reception backdrops displaying custom phrases like “She Said Yes!” or your names and wedding date. Neon signs also make fun directional signage or photo booth props.

Portable neon bar signs can switch up the look of beverage areas. For seated meals, neon table numbers pop against neutral linens. You can also give favors or decorative straws a neon twist. If you want neon lighting options but prefer a more subtle look, various companies sell clear acrylic LED neon signs and sculptural neon decor pieces to accent modern venues.

Lounge Areas

Separate lounge spaces invite guests to take a break from the dance floor for more intimate conversations. Stylish furniture immediately transforms basic venues into spaces with discernible personality. Refurbished leather club chairs, velvet sofas, and claw foot chaises create seating vignettes around coffee tables. For extra cozy lounge areas, incorporate soft lighting like table lamps, emerald tufted booths, and hung draped fabric.

Pillows and throw blankets also help amp up the coziness. Poufs ottomans can be grouped together to form informal seating areas as well. Complete the look with books, games, low floral arrangements and small food bites for self serve snacking. plus you can arrange display fireworks to make the wedding event more memorable.

Moody Florals

In place of pastel flowers, rich moody blooms are currently trending. Deep burgundies, blush pinks, and dusky blues provide rich pops of color that appeal to modern and romantic tastes. Popular moody varieties include dahlias, ranunculus, astilbe, scabiosa, anemones, peonies, and even black or purple roses.

For bouquets, pair these blooms with lots of greenery for texture. Centerpiece arrangements can also mix moody flowers with black or gold vases and candle holders. Boutonnieres and archway blooms provide other opportunities to incorporate the dark floral trend. Just take lighting into account since these colors won’t read as vividly in dim receptions. Plus you can send flowers to Delhi or anywhere in the world effortlessly with online portals.

Statement Bathrooms

Even functional wedding details like bathrooms deserve special attention. Unique mirrors, wallpaper and lighting transform powder rooms into memorable spaces for guests to freshen up. Another hot trend is hiring attendants to provide pampering services like perfume samples, lipstick touch ups or hair spraying stations. You can also display stacked wrapped soaps, flowers, candles and touches of greenery.

Place autographed prints of wedding photos inside bathroom stalls for a surprising personal detail. For receptions lasting into the night, consider bathroom baskets stocked with sundries like mascara, mints, stain wipes, chewing gum, deodorant, Advil and disposable phone chargers.

Boho Style

Channel wanderlust vibes with bohemian style decor elements. Designers recommend blending natural materials like rattan, wood, macrame and leather with romantic fabrics like lace, silk and velvet. Install suspended wicker bubbles to hang above lounge spaces or dining tables. Wooden bead curtains make great dividers between spaces. Use an assortment of vintage rugs layered together to mark lounge areas or ceremony aisles.

For tabletop decor, combine elements like geodes, antler sheds, brass bowls, and collective crystals and candlesticks for an eclectic look. You can also hang varied brass pendants and lanterns from trees at outdoor receptions. Accent with fresh greenery, flowing linens and paper goods for free spirited charm.

There are so many ways to put your own spin on wedding decor in 2023. Use these trendy ideas to find a style that resonates with your vision. The right decor transforms spaces, thrills guests and sets the perfect scene to celebrate your love.

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