Top Data Science Certifications to Power Up Your Career

Top Data Science Certifications to Power Up Your Career

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment rate for data scientists is believed to increase by 36% by 2031. Businesses depend more on clued-up data scientists for informed and result-oriented decisions.

If you want to advance your career, choose the best data science certifications that add value to your skill set and boost industry knowledge. In this post, you’ll come to know how obtaining certification can help you and which certification programs are worth investing in.

Benefits of Acquiring Certifications in Data Science

Online certifications from widely recognized educational institutes can offer multiple benefits including the following –

  • Offers full-time professionals the immense flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Stay updated on the latest data science concepts and practices by gaining knowledge of the most recent industry trends.
  • Include employer-desired certifications on your CV to get an advantage when applying for a well-paid and recognized profile in data science.
  • Obtaining additional highly valued certifications while having a full-time job can help show your commitment to learning.

Top 4 Data Science Certifications for Your Career Development

Here is a list of the top four certifications data science professionals can consider to elevate their industry knowledge and gain competence in a particular data science area.

  1. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

This certification is designed for data scientists and consists of an exam to certify your expertise. The exam is a two-hour test organized online or onsite with no prerequisites needed. However, Google suggests applicants have a minimum industry experience of three years. The exam includes 50-60 MCQs (multiple-choice questions).

The exam tests your GDP abilities and knowledge of data processing systems and machine learning models, from design to operation, and security. The advantageous feature is that credentials will not expire for this certification.

  1. USDSI®

USDSI® (the United States Data Science Institute) provides top-notch certifications in data science for experienced professionals and beginners. All programs are designed considering data science trends ensuring they perfectly align with the bright global future of the data science sector.

All USDSI certification programs are globally recognized for providing the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere from any device. All USDSI® certification exams are multiple-choice computer-based exams and consist of 100 minutes duration.

CSDS® (Certified Senior Data Scientist) is one of the best certifications for data science specialists featuring the latest curriculum to emerge a future-ready senior data scientist. Achieving this certification can boost your chances of getting a 40% higher payoff. The program comes with 3 years of validity and can be renewed after the expiry date. You will learn all the fundamentals and advanced skills at a strategic level. Once you pass the exam, you will earn a downloadable certificate and a digital badge.

  1. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

Offered by one of the most respected educational institutions – Columbia University, this certification consists of online training through four courses in data science. It includes exploratory data analysis, data science algorithms, machine learning, and probability and statistics.

The best thing about this certification is that it has no expiration. This means, that once you complete your course, you’ll earn certification with lifelong validity. This is a non-degree program that requires completing at least 12 credits. The exams can be conducted online or on campus at the convenience of learners.

  1. HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate

The HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate is a self-paced online program from Harvard University. This is an introductory course that helps you learn statistical concepts and implement machine learning algorithms. You will develop fundamental R programming skills, get experience with tidyverse, and learn essential data science concepts.

This certification program is best for passionate data science specialists to develop fundamental skills. Completing this program typically takes 12 months and provides the most valued data science certificate that adds value to your resume.

Things to Consider to Choose the Best Data Science Certifications

If you’re not sure which of these certifications in data science you must choose, then you must start the selection process by considering all crucial factors. Firstly, decide whether you need a professional certification or a degree qualification. Ensure the content must match the level of expertise and skills you need.  

Determine the certification’s value in the present data science career and its scope in the coming years. Check the renewal period i.e. what is the validity of a certification? When you will need to renew it? Do you need to once again clear the exam to expand the validity?

Make sure the fee structure is reasonable and make the certification worth investing in. Go through other learners’ reviews and check what they have to say about the certification and how it has advanced their careers.


If you are ready to advance in your data science career, choose the trusted and highly demanded certification program that can improve your employability. Many recruiters look for certifications on resumes when hiring data science specialists. So, choose a certification that best fits your career goal and role requirements.


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