The Key Responsibilities of NDIS Local Area Coordinators: Supporting Participants and Communities

Local Area Coordination

Formed in Western Australia, NDIS Local Area Coordination is an innovative method to work with people, families and communities. Here, NDIS Local Area Coordinators (LACs) work as management specialists with disabled persons within a particular area. They assist NDIS participants to accomplish their financial goals by understanding how to access funds properly.

Besides, they communicate with other professionals like physiotherapists, psychologists, and speech pathologists to bestow more assistance to the participants for whom they are working. Continue reading to learn more about them.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of NDIS Local Area Coordinators?

The Local Area Coordinators are associated with NDIS partner organisations to help the participants aged 7 years and above. Mentioned below are the five essential responsibilities of NDIS Local Area Coordinators for the residents of Australia:

  1. Providing assistance to the participants via workshops and conversations to make them understand how to access the NDIS support in their locality.
  2. Helping participants to form, execute, and monitor their NDIS plan as well as review the same.
  3. Disability support providers develop an all-encompassing environment for disabled individuals in their locality.
  4. Offering informal support among participants alongside their family members, friends, and neighbours.
  5. Establishing proper communications between disabled individuals and communal resources of the society like health, education, transportation, etc.

What are the Different Levels of Support to Implement an NDIS Plan?

Both Support Coordinators and Local Area Coordinators work in collaboration in order to support the NDIS plan in three different approaches:

  • Support Connection: Here LAC will provide you with all kinds of support you need and they will work with you for:
  • Identifying and verifying your options in the community.
  • Supporting you to comprehend the NDIS funding and your future plan.
  • Assisting you while making various financial decisions.
  • Helping you start getting support.
  • Aiding you form agreements with the provider.
  • Support Coordination: Although it is quite identical to support connection, it gives more concentration to:
  • Address various issues experienced among the participants and providers.
  • Manage and monitor your plan so that they can make the necessary changes whenever required.
  • Report outcomes for participants and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).
  • Coordinate various services across different suppliers.

How to Get an NDIS Local Area Coordinator?

Every Local Area Coordinator (LAC) operates across a specified area and that person will get in touch with you as soon as your plan gets its approval from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Subsequently, your LAC will schedule a meeting either via phone or face-to-face in order to frame your plan, provide the necessities, and connect with the service providers.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the implementation of the NDIS plan, feel free to communicate with your LAC.

In a nutshell, NDIS Local Area Coordination has turned out to be an immense help for disabled people in Australia and their families. They have local area coordinators that assist them to determine their goals and formulate a proper plan to do so.

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