The Importance of Hudson Prescription Safety Glasses for Home Use

Hudson Prescription Safety Glasses

Despite workplace hazards and safety regulations, US businesses spend over 900 million dollars annually due to worker eye injuries, and 60% of victims had no safety glasses. Numerous statistics exist on wearing glasses in work settings and safety regulations to stop these accidents, but what about people working from home?

Surprisingly, there is an unexpected level of risk to your eyes from the products and chemicals, maintenance, hobbies, and cleaning you engage in regularly. However, only some of you have your own set of eye protection, and fewer of them remember to use them when doing housework.

Why are Hudson safety glasses essential for home activities?

Many individuals believe that eye protection is unnecessary at home. After all, things are usually very low-key, and you’ve surely never heard of anyone who accidentally became blind while performing routine domestic chores. This is the most harmful fallacy regarding safety glasses in our age.

Even those who understand that some activities may be risky believe standard prescription eyewear is not equivalent to a proper set of safety glasses. Hudson safety glasses are essential for eye protection when working on DIY projects.

If you wear glasses with a prescription, ordering a set of Hudson prescription safety glasses indoors is the most important thing for your eye health and safety. Of course, if you need help determining when to don your eye protection at home, here is a quick list of the chores you would best perform while wearing them.


  • DIY projects

Having easy access to YouTube and internet resources, people are undertaking more DIY than ever, thanks to how-to videos. After all, you could build or repair anything for no charge other than the cost of the necessary parts. So why they should call an electrician, plumber, or building contractor?

Before taking on typically professional activities yourself, you should be aware of the following: In the service sector—which includes plumbers, mechanics, electricians, repairers, and so forth—40% of all at-work eye injuries occur. You have several reasons to wear Hudson safety glasses when working on unprofessional DIY projects yourself if pros can still damage themselves.

  • Landscaping and garden work

Another field where eye injuries are frequent, and there are many opportunities to be struck in the face with soil, small objects, or plant material is landscaping. These risks are unavoidable if you live a DIY habit, love gardening, or are just committed to maintaining your own lawn. Trimming, pruning, and cleaning up, especially when interacting with shrubs and trees, increase the branch risk of possibly even falling from the tree.

Leaf blowing, mowing, and weed-whacking can throw pieces of loose leaves, sticks, dirt, and grass into the air, hitting your eyes with a high velocity. Thus, with the proper eye protection, you can easily do significant yard work requiring sharp or powerful instruments.

  • Playing games

Glasses are often exclusively worn while “working,” either formally at work or formally at home. But just because something is for fun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use eye protection. Numerous sports, including baseball, paintball, fencing, and hockey, use equipment and missiles that might quickly strike a player in the face with a single careless movement or unintentional impact.

Eye injuries occur frequently in games because nobody on the pitch wears safety glasses. Luckily, safety-rated Hudson safety eyewear is available in fashionable styles, allowing you to look good on the pitch and protect your eyes simultaneously.

  • Using cleaning chemicals

The cleaning supplies you use at home are surprisingly potent—often far more so than the experiments you participated in your science class. Suppose chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and fabric softener accidentally spill into your eyes. In that case, it is pretty dangerous, and you don’t have the convenience of a rapid eyewash station or a skilled chemist to help you.

Sadly, very few people consider this danger when they begin their regular cleaning regimen. For most, performing a few calm domestic tasks without sharp objects is the safest option, and it’s too easy to forget chemicals’ caustic nature.

Keep everything you want to wash off from your eyes. Most accidents occur because people mistakenly believe that they only affect other people. As a general guideline, you should wear splash-protecting Hudson optical safety frames.


Safety goggles aren’t simply for occupations that must be worn by law. You have many reasons to spend money on Hudson prescription safety glasses for work, household, and home if you care about your vision and the health of your eyes. Get in touch with Safety Eyeglasses SEG immediately for further details on where to find, choose, and get your Hudson safety glasses.

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