The 6 Best Skylanders Games Of All Time


Skylanders may not be a well-known brand name in video games anymore, but there are still a lot of games for fans to check out.

Although it hasn’t been updated in over six years, Skylanders used to be Activision’s most popular game series for kids. While Call of Duty was the most popular game for young people, this toys-to-life series was huge with kids, and it even got its own TV show, books, and other media.

Surprisingly, Skylanders began as a spin-off from the Spyro world and ended just as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro returned victorious. In spite of that, this series is still fun, so here is a list of all the main games, sorted from worst to best. Also, the Nintendo 3DS versions won’t be included because they’re not the same as the main system versions.

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