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Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 has projected a brave guy named Han Jue. He is the hero of this manga. Thousand years back, he was an instructor with a specialization in occult art and magic.  He cultivated a new breed which was the source of generating energy to activate him. He would have a new lease of life after successful contemplation.  However, the journey was not easy for him. In a separate world, he met a group of wicked enemies who liked to destroy his power. The whole story of this Chinese Manga is basically built on fiction, and supernatural concepts.  The reversal of power enables a guy to dominate defeating the opponent force. The purpose of gaining such supernatural power is to bring back peace to the world wiping out footprints of evil spirits.

An Overview of Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23

Golden Realm is the zenith of power to attain.  It is attainable but you need to prepare yourself especially through meditation. You should have patience, and commitment to achieve that target. The hero in this story is thinking of charging the lead over the enemies to regain the lost honor.  He was beaten brutally by enemies when he tried to find the best dice to have the power back. He had to suffer from malnutrition, lack of security, and hostility to top it all. The enmity became severe to worsen the situation.  Han was busy of searching for the enlightenment to have the power to build up the resistance against the hostility. ‘

Golden Realm is the opportunity for the hero to dominate. However, unfortunately, he was kicked by his foes who came from different world. After hard struggles, the enemies fled without punishing Han.  The struggles, hardships and obstructions put a lot of pressure on mind of Han. However, he had terrific determination to break the mountain to force the way through the most complicated barriers to reach the goal. He is the survivor and he is the powerful heavyweight to save the world from menace.

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 is a fantastic story which cultivates the ground for adventure, thrill, and uncertainty. The mystery loomed large over  Solon City where Aristocrat decided to go for having his right to property.  His father is the king of this city but he denies the ownership right of his half-son over his kingdom.  Aristocrat has been obstructed by the sentinels at the entry passage of Solon City. He has nothing to lose. He is sorry for the misery which is unprecedented to come back to hit him. The plots are perfectly constructed maintaining flow and rhythm. The first chapter introduces the audience to Aristocrat and other important characters. The fighting sequence is excellent without giving any scope to critics to criticize. Aristocrat gave a proposal to Barbarians to settle the issue.  If he is defeated by Barbarians, he will let them go without helping him to get back the kingdom from his half-brother. If he wins, they will be bound to assist him at the next battle for victory.


Mangas online are sources of enjoyment to attract young generation. Action packed story is so valuable for kids that they won’t complete their homework.  They need to read these two popular Chinese mangas.   Suspense and adventure are both available in these two mangas.  Language is simple. The characterization in both dramas is perfectly sketched.   People enjoy reading these two manga stories.

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