Take a page full of words and convert it into an animation. Boom! You suddenly have an audience intently watching the video.

No matter what age, animations are a mesmerizing medium to all.

Flashy movements, eye-catching illustrations, and visuals; animations are known to easily grab the attention of a viewer.

As all companies intend to draw people’s attention to their services, animations prove quite useful for brands.

While one might expect the use of a custom animation video to be limited to a basic brand video or ad, there are multiple applications of animations in branding.

Here are six ways companies can utilize animations:

Upgrading Logos

No one can deny that a good logo makes a brand memorable forever.

However, when people think of logos, they mostly picture a motionless symbol that sticks to the brand permanently.

When a company adds animation to its logo, the symbol comes as a surprise to the audience.

The animated logo offers something new, unfamiliar yet exciting.

When the logo is no longer stiff but constantly moving, it engages the audience, pushing them toward interacting with the brand.

Animated logos also allow brands to showcase more through movement, transitions, and multiple elements.

As animated logos are uncommon, having such a logo will offer individuality and underline your brand’s dedication to effective marketing.


Advertisements are where most companies utilize animation today.

Ads and promos have a limited run time to land their pitch and convince the viewer.

Animating such a video increases the viewer’s concentration on the ad’s content.

Rather than a traditional shoot with a limited setup, brands get access to more options and possibilities when working with animation.

As the medium can be easily played around with, a custom animation video allows experimentation.

Therefore, animation allows brands to ditch traditional advertising methods and create new ad campaigns that prove refreshing to the audience. 

Animations easily capture or evoke emotions through powerful storytelling. 

So, an animated ad is the way to create an impactful marketing campaign.

Social Media Presence

Due to the popularity of social media sites, creating a brand presence on these platforms can significantly increase customers.

At the same time, social media apps have their cons too.

These apps are constantly updating and changing; every week, there is another trend to follow. 

More importantly, brands need to post frequently to ensure their content is visible.

Though simple posts are enough to keep up with the algorithm, companies should be creative with their posts or their content becomes redundant.

Animations are the perfect medium for keeping social media posts interesting. 

Not only do animations engage the audience, but the viewers look forward to the next post.

Personalizing the Website

Animations make excellent content for social media accounts and websites of a brand. However, their use is not limited to content for websites.

Another effective application of animations to brand websites is using them to personalize a brand.

Often, the About Us sections contain a long-written description of a company’s origin, vision, and history. 

While that information holds significance to an organization, most site visitors will dismiss the section due to its length.

An ‘About Us’ could make the audience familiar with the brand and value its vision. 

Using a custom animation video for storytelling portrays the company values effectively; the brand’s effort and dedication resonate with the audience.


Most customers understand websites immediately. However, some might face difficulties.

Challenges in navigating a site could be due to age, illness, language barriers, or lack of knowledge of the content.

To ensure all site visitors have a smooth experience, companies need to keep all people and disabilities under consideration.

When brands take time to invest in infomercials or educational videos, they help customers learn more about their service and the process for availing products. 

Such animated videos highlight your brand’s commitment to inclusivity. 

As for their animation aspect, animating information visualizes it and makes it easier to understand.

Product Launch

Product launch is a big achievement for brands; it marks the beginning of a new business venture.

Every company wants its product launch to make noise and gain traction.

Animation can significantly improve a product launch. 

The medium uses bright colors and fascinating movements that draw in the viewer, fixating their attention on what is shown.

If featured in an animated video, a product can capture viewer’s attention and prompt them to find more information.

Summing It Up

Animation in brands is often associated only with advertisements, much like how animation in movies gets linked with cartoons.

However, examining its multiple applications in branding showcases the versatility of animations. 

The medium can adapt according to the topic, intention, message, or target audience. 

Above everything, animations allow brands to creatively expand and experiment with new styles rather than sticking to one aesthetic forever.

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