Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy & Happy Living

This article contains affiliate links, by which we might receive a small amount of commissions if you decide to purchase at no charge. We only recommend products or products that we enjoy and recommend. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is sometimes an overwhelming task that aligns differently from the daily routine. It’s hard to keep a full-time job, consume a balanced diet and prepare for a race, make your green juice at home, spend time with your loved ones, and sit for an hour daily. Of course, living a healthy life can encompass many of these aspects (if you’d like to); however, it shouldn’t be defined by extravagant appearances of fitness and fitness. Most of a healthy lifestyle comprises minor routines that are so insignificant they don’t seem significant; however, when carried out repeatedly over time, they can add together to give you effective results.

Tips for healthy living and happy living

Here are 31 suggestions to live a more healthy and happier life. They are all simple and easy to implement, and you can seamlessly incorporate them into your everyday life:

Drink a glass of water in the early morning.

Coffee is also delicious. However, it’s better to start the day by hydrating by drinking a large cup of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning will improve digestion, boost the health of your skin, and increase your energy level.

Take the steps

Rather than taking the elevator, the stairs are an easy option to add more exercise to your daily life. It also helps strengthen and tone your core and legs while you’re doing it!

Make half your plate of veggies.

One simple trick to ensure a healthy diet (and portion control) is to include half of your plate of veggies for each meal. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients essential to longevity and health. They’re also high in fiber; they can help to improve digestion (aka help you stay regular!) and help you feel fuller longer.

Find a fitness tracker that you can use to keep track of your steps.

Utilizing an exercise tracking device (one like a Fitbit or Apple Watch) to track your steps is an excellent method to ensure you’re exercising enough throughout the day. The goal is 10,000 steps a day, and enjoys substantial physical and mental health advantages. The fitness tracker will remind you to take 250 steps per hour (another vital indicator of health – see Tip #9!). These are our top smartwatches with fitness trackers for 2021.

Switch to non-toxic cleaning products.

Home cleaning products contain toxic chemical components that can harm your health (or those of our children and pets!). Switching to cleaner products is an excellent method to limit the exposure to environmental toxins in your home. Check out the Healthy Cleaning Guide for a comprehensive list of tips and what to look for when selecting safer household cleaning products.

use non-toxic skincare + personal care products

Much like products for cleaning, traditional personal care and skincare products are made with harmful ingredients that we should not allow to enter our body’s largest organ. Reduce the impact of toxic chemicals on your health by making the switch to non-toxic personal hygiene and cosmetics (see our recommendations for sunscreen, deodorant, and cosmetics that are green).

Have a daily probiotic.

Your gut’s health can significantly affect the skin’s health, digestion, mental well-being, immunity and much more. Consuming a probiotic daily by drinking a glass of fluid daily is among the easiest ways to improve the health of your gut (which can, in turn, improve your overall health in many ways as well). Please learn more about probiotics’ positive health effects (and every method to incorporate them into your diet) and purchase our favorite probiotic supplements here.

Eat real food

Make an effort to eat foods made of natural items you’d find in your kitchen pantry or your grandmother will recognize. (Yup, it’s a no-no for most packaged foods, sorry!) This is different from recommending you eat just “healthy foods” (many of which are becoming refined!). “Real food” includes unprocessed items like apples, cucumber, soybeans, or steak and foods processed with one (or several) natural ingredients like butter, yogurt, olive oil, tofu, etc. So, it would help to look at foods that can be made easily at home and be aware of food items that need to be created in a lab.

Get up every 30 minutes while you work.

Reduce the negative consequences of being seated (like in your office) by standing up and walking around for one or two minutes every half an hour.

Receive sunlight throughout the day.

Vitamin D is among the most vital nutrients to general health. Sunlight is among the best sources of vitamin D. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of sun each day, preferably in the afternoon and without sunscreen (read more here about this). Do you need more sunlight in the winter in your area? It is worth supplementing with vitamin D supplement or any other food source of this vital mineral.

Bring life to your home by bringing in houseplants.

Houseplants can help cleanse the air inside (sadly, you probably need it! ). They’re beautiful, and studies have shown they can improve your mood, creative thinking, and problem-solving!

sweating all-day

Try to exercise in a particular manner each day, whether cycling, running, dancing, hot yoga, or any other activity you like. Check out the Fitness Guide for more workout ideas, strategies, and tricks to incorporate regular exercise into your routine and a fitness planner for download that you can use to create your fitness program to keep you on the right track.

Have a green smoothie for breakfast every day.

Green smoothies to snack on or quick, leisurely breakfasts are a simple way to incorporate your greens daily. Please look at our listing of nutritious (veggie-packed!) smoothie recipes for our favorite starter green smoothie recipe ideas.

Be kind and hardworking.

It’s enough!

Develop a positive attitude.

“The only difference between good and bad days is your attitude.” The truth is that your mindset determines everything! Create a positive mental state by recognizing negative thoughts and opposing them using positive affirmations or reviews. Here are additional mindset sources to help you think positively.

Sleep enough

The majority of adults require 7 to 9 hours of rest each night. However, aside from quantity, the quality of your sleep is also essential! Use our suggestions to get high-quality sleep. Things to consider are maintaining your bedroom’s temperature in the evening, avoiding blue light after dark, and many more.

Begin your day with a healthy, balanced morning routine.

Start your day with enjoyable actions that set the stage for how you’d like to feel – motivated, relaxed, or any other. Please look at our ideas to start your day with a healthy routine and start your day with a bang!

Eat the rainbow

Make it a goal to eat all shades of the rainbow every day. (Natural colors only and no Skittles!) Download our fillable and printable Eat the Rainbow daily & weekly tracker to keep track of yours.

Floss your teeth

Ensure you floss your teeth regularly for optimal overall and general dental health. It’s not just a good idea to floss daily to safeguard your gums and teeth; maintaining a healthy dental condition is crucial for your heart’s immunity and health.

Spend time with your loved ones.

During a regular period, you can discover and keep in contact with yourself (we’re constantly evolving and evolving!). It’s a great time to assess your life and what you’d like to achieve to live a conscious life. Some enjoy the outdoors, going for exercise or a run, meditating, and taking a dip in the sun to spend time alone.

Do things that you love

This is often ignored as a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle: doing things every day that you are enjoying! Whether it’s baking, exercise writing, reading a novel, or watching a show, it doesn’t matter. Set aside the time in your day to engage in activities you enjoy personally.

Choose organic food whenever you can.

There are numerous social, environmental, and health reasons to choose organic food. Let that more thorough post link do the talking and remind you to opt for organic food whenever possible. Organic food is healthier for you, the planet, and the farmers who grow the food you eat.

One teaspoon of vinegar from apple cider keeps the doctor at bay.

Apple cider vinegar can cure every problem (well… nearly all things!). Adding a teaspoon glass of water can ease digestion, reduce bloating, improve immunity, regulate blood sugar levels, and much more. We recommend raw, organic, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Smile often

The joy of smiling can improve your mental and physical health (it’s real! ). Find strategies to make yourself smile more frequently than you can throughout your day.

Try to overcome your fears.

Fears impede us and prevent us from living life to the fullest. Recognize your fears and take action to conquer them. (One example is to overcome the fear of speaking in public to allow you to make new connections in your personal and professional life.)

Reduce stress by engaging in self-care activities.

Stress is a significant threat to your physical as well as mental well-being. Find out the triggers of stress (the factors that create stress in you, whether immediately or over the long term) and the stress-related hormones (the things that help to calm you when you’re stressed) to help you manage stress and keep your health.

Intermittent fasting may help in weight loss.

We’re not a fan of diets (restrictions are not fun! ); however, intermittent fasting can be more like an eating routine than a strict diet. It is a health practice with numerous notable benefits, including decreasing inflammation and promoting longevity, and may help increase metabolism, aiding in weight loss.

Drink one glass of water immediately following each alcoholic drink.

We’re not here to recommend you avoid drinking alcohol (though it is certainly possible to do so if you’d like!). Alcohol consumption in moderation can be a component of a “healthy” lifestyle if done responsibly. A glass of water at the end of each drink helps cleanse the alcohol out of your body, reduce your consumption of alcohol, and ensure that you are well-hydrated (a crucial element in preventing hangovers! ).

practice gratitude

Do something to show gratitude every day. It might be when you wake up, before bed, or even during your lunch break at work. Here are our top suggestions to help you find more gratitude in your everyday life and an overview of the mental and physical benefits of regularly practicing gratitude.

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