Scope of Network Certification and Course in 2024

Best Network Certification

Various Network Certification and course address your current job’s priorities and equip you with the skills to keep up with industry changes and emerging technologies.

2024 IT priorities will likely center around protecting IT assets and networks, managing remote communications and networks via cloud services, and administering zero-trust networks deployed at remote facilities to run IoT (Internet of Things) devices or localized processing.

Supporting these priorities will require IT network professionals to sharpen their skills. Participation in continuing education or earning technical certification will strengthen your resume while improving Network Certification capabilities.

Computer Networking-Digital Network Security

Allison offers a free, self-paced network security course that covers topics like network infrastructure and security protocols; custom RRAS (routing and remote access service) configuration; firewalls/network security/proxy servers/security systems configuration; and general systems overview for individuals new to network security. It serves as an excellent primer.

Caltech Cyber Security Bootcamp

Caltech offers a 24-week certification in network cyber security that features six weeks of “real world” projects with sandbox labs and practice tools. Participants gain experience in offensive and defensive cybersecurity, network security, digital forensics, and more through Caltech University’s online student job portal. It is designed for advanced network professionals looking to advance their skills.

CompTIA Security Certification

CompTIA Security Certification provides IT professionals with at least two years of security experience with the knowledge and skills needed to secure networks, applications, and devices by installing and configuring security systems. In addition, this course covers threat analysis/mitigation/risk management/governance and governance practices; its list price is $2,499.

Provider-specific security networking courses and certifications

Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks are among the network vendors that provide security training courses tailored to their platforms.

Cloud network design and management

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an intermediate-level cloud course spanning six parts, comprising six intermediate-level modules that cover cloud networking, computing, applications, and security engineering. It culminates in a 21-hour cloud project leading to certification. Topics and skills gained include Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing Architecture, and Cloud Infrastructure Networking Security Engineering. This three-month-long class meets for 10 hours weekly over three months.

Vendor-specific cloud networking courses and certifications

If your site uses AWS Certification, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for web hosting purposes, each vendor offers courses and certifications on their cloud/network operations; how you can best use these networks with them for managing an on-cloud network; as well as any available cloud management tools.

Zero-trust networks, IoT security, and edge protection are essential to secure environments.

Forrester provides a 60-day zero-trust networks course, covering business cases. So for implementation, how to implement one, and what IT must do to provide ongoing support for these networks. Individuals who complete and pass an online final exam will receive a certificate worth $2,350.

Introduction to Edge Computing Course Program

IEEE offers the Edge Computing Course Program as a five-course study on Edge computing, providing an introduction and then delving deeper into practical applications of an edge. Courses such as designing edge security solutions and learning about edge tools and software will prove particularly relevant to network professionals.

Summary Remarks

No matter your professional needs and career ambitions. An expansive array of network courses are designed to address current and long-term network priorities. And pain points at companies and meet an individual’s career aspirations and needs.

Many courses and certifications offered by network vendors can be equally helpful to users currently using their platforms.

Network courses and certifications come in all forms and at all price points. But from more intensive programs with high fees to more superficial or intermediate levels that offer modest costs and returns.

No matter the educational path you pursue, network technologies are constantly advancing. So staying current is imperative for those working in this industry. Luckily, a vast array of educational offerings meet this demand.


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