Raising Your Home to New Heights: The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Living Space

Homeownership is an investment in your future. As time passes, your treasured house may require a real facelift! Restump your house elevating may help you enhance structural integrity, add living space, or avoid flood damage.

This guest blog covers the causes, steps, costs, and advantages of elevating your house to unprecedented heights. You’ll know how to make your house stand out at the end.

Why Lift or Restump Your Home?

Structural integrity

The dirt underneath your house might move and settle, weakening your foundation. Uneven flooring, broken walls, and unclosing doors may result. For structural integrity, restump my house includes replacing or strengthening the stumps. It revitalises your house.

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Add Space:

Do you want to increase room in your home without constructing a new one? House lifting may provide you with the additional space you want. Raising your house creates a new floor for a garage, extra living space, or granny apartment.

Reduce Flooding:

If you live in a flood-prone location, elevating your house may safeguard it cheaply. Raising your property above flood level reduces water damage and flood restoration costs.

Aesthetic Change:

In addition to functional advantages, restumping or house lifting may give your property a new look. Elevating your living area gives you greater vistas, natural light, and a contemporary look.

Basics of Restumping Your Home

Restumping your house requires replacing or strengthening its stumps (piers or pillars). The method is outlined below:

Inspect and Assess:

Hire a structural engineer or building inspector to evaluate your home’s condition and decide whether restumping is needed. They will spot decaying stumps.

Stumps Replaced or Reinforced:

After the examination, replace or strengthen the stumps. This requires raising the house to remove and replace old stumps with robust ones. This may take many days, depending on project size and scope.


Once the stumps are installed, your house will be safely lowered onto the new supports. With this method, your floors are level and doors and windows open effortlessly.

Fixes and Finishes:

Repairs and finishing touches will be made after the lifting and lowering operation.

Final Check:

A final inspection ensures that your house is structurally sound and that the restumping was done properly.

House lifting: Larger.

House lifting elevates your house! Your home is lifted off its foundation, spaced below, and placed on a new or better foundation. What to know about house lifting:

Foundation Preparation:

First, prepare the foundation or substructure for your home. To give long-term stability, this foundation is usually stronger.

House lifting:

Specialised machinery lifts your home securely and evenly. Slow and thorough, the procedure preserves your house.

Making Space:

Lifting your home creates room beneath for many uses. This area may be enclosed for living, storage, or parking.

Structure Improvements:

House raising allows you to reinforce walls, add insulation, and upgrade plumbing and electrical systems.

Lowering and Securing:

After repairs, your home is gently lowered onto its new foundation. Securing it ensures stability and safety.

Final touches:

House lifting concludes with reconnecting utilities and completing any required repairs or modifications.

Cost of Restumping and House Lifting?

Restumping or home lifting costs depend on several variables, including:

House Size: Larger houses cost more to build since they need more materials and labour.

Existing Stumps/Foundation: Poor stumps or foundations may need extra work, raising expenses.

Accessibility: Property accessibility affects cost. Costs may rise if heavy equipment can’t access your property.

Materials and Labour Costs: Location and skilled worker availability affect material and labour costs.

Additional Work: Structural upgrades or renovations will increase costs.

Restumping and Houselifting Benefits

After covering the fundamentals, let’s discuss restumping and house lifting’s many benefits:

Better Structurality:

Restumping and house lifting strengthen your foundation, preventing structural deterioration and expensive repairs.

More Living Space:

Both ways may enhance living space or storage, making your house more useful and pleasant.

Improved Looks:

Lifting your property might make it seem better and appeal to you and future purchasers if you sell.

Reduce Flooding:

Lifting your house may prevent flood damage and save you thousands in repairs and insurance.

Customisation Options:

House lifting may create your perfect basement media room, garage, or natural-light home office.

Property Value Increase:

Building your home’s foundation and living space may boost its resale value, making it a smart investment.

Selecting Professionals

Restumping and home lifting are complicated and need specialists. How to pick the proper project team:

Research and Advice:

Find local restumping and house-lifting contractors. Get suggestions from friends, family, and neighbours.

Verify credentials:

Make sure your contractors are licenced, insured, and certified.

Request quotes:

Get comprehensive estimates from several contractors, including project prices and dates.

Check References:

Make time to contact prior customers for recommendations. The contractor’s work quality and professionalism will be shown.

Contracts and agreements:

Before commencing the job, get a formal contract that covers pricing, dates, and warranties.


Restumping and house lifting may revitalise, strengthen, and boost the value of your property. These approaches are useful for foundation difficulties, additional space, and flood protection.

Remember that picking the proper personnel is important to project success. Choose a reliable contractor like Deano’s Restumping with the expertise and experience to execute the work correctly.

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