Purple Sapphires: The Gemstone Trend You Need to Know About

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphires, the captivating gemstone trend of the moment, are taking the jewelry world by storm. These exquisite gems offer a unique twist on the Natural Purple Sapphire stone with mesmerizing shades of violet, lavender, and deep plum. Known for their rarity and enchanting beauty, purple sapphires make a striking choice for unique engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. Apart from the well-known blue and pink sapphire gemstones for engagement ring choices, purple sapphire wedding rings and engagement rings are considered unique today. Their allure lies in their ability to blend elegance and individuality, making them a perfect choice for those seeking something both timeless and distinctive. Embrace the allure of natural Khooni sapphire and add a touch of regal charm to your jewelry collection.

The Wonderful Gemstone and its Beauty 

The astounding beauty of purple sapphire is astounding. The color range of Khooni Neelam  varies from violet to plum with hints of blue or pink (in some cases). The original purple sapphire gemstone is also known as Raktamukhi Neela Stone, Raktambar Neelam Stone, violet sapphire stone, or plum sapphire stone. This gemstone is also the birthstone of September month and also makes a meaningful gift for the traditional 45th wedding anniversary. The characteristics of this gemstone that make it more desirable are as follows:

  • Does purple sapphire exist? The most common question that might arise is the existence of this purple variety of sapphires. The color of the gemstones is due to the presence of trace elements. In the case of this purple variety of corundum, the presence of vanadium gives a mesmerizing violet hue. 
  • The gemstone’s hardness is nine, making it the best option for engagement/ wedding rings and everyday wear. 
  • Is purple sapphire gemstone different from amethyst? Yes, both these gemstones are different from each other. Though the colors of these gems are quite similar, the properties of these stones make them different. For instance, sapphires are harder, while amethyst has fair hardness.  

Radiant Purple Sapphires: The Dual Trend in Jewelry and Astrology

Unlike other sapphire varieties, Raktamukhi Neelam is considered the perfect gemstone for jewelry and astrological benefits. With the mesmerizing color range of the stone from lavender lilac to light purple, this gemstone is the perfect option for all forms of jewelry. A purple sapphire ring with a halo of diamonds gives an eye-catching look compared to traditional diamond rings. The lavender hues and the sparkling allure of diamonds make a stunning combination for your wedding day. After all, who is not fond of sapphire engagement rings? Raktambari Stone is unique enough to be set in any jewelry form. 

Apart from the captivating jewelry piece, this purple-colored stone also trends as an astrological gemstone. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties of Natural Purple Sapphire Stone 

This beautiful gemstone is known to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. It is known to provide mental clarity and enhance self-confidence and concentration. The gemstone is known to provide inner peace to the wearer. 

  • Significance of the Color 

The significance of the gemstone is constrained by its physical properties and color, symbolizing serenity, grace, and devotion. The next trend in fashionable jewelry is a vintage-style sapphire engagement ring or a modern classic wedding rings with beautiful symbolism. 

  • Khooni Neelam and Wealth 

Purple sapphire stone increases spiritual power and brings prosperity and wealth. Wearing a Khooni Neelam stone helps boost creativity. Hence, individuals in creative fields, such as artists or writers, prefer to wear this gemstone. 

  • Purple Sapphire Stone and Relationships 

This beautiful gemstone is good for strengthening love and relationships. The gemstone is connected to the crown chakra. It will help in eliminating negative thoughts, bringing positivity to the wearer. The positive vibes bring enthusiasm, warmth, and enlightenment in life. 

Price of Baingani Pukhraj 

The price of purple sapphire stone per ratti ranges from thousands to lakhs of rupees. 

The original Khooni Neelam stone price is characterized by intense and vivid purple tones and is priced higher. The richness and saturation of the hue are pivotal factors in assessing the gem’s worth. Furthermore, the gem’s clarity, with fewer internal imperfections or inclusions, amplifies its appeal and market value.


The carat weight of the stone is another determinant of its price. Larger stones are comparatively scarcer and inherently more valuable, commanding a higher price per carat. However, many factors are considered while deciding the price of the gemstone. For instance, at Navratan, the online gem bazaar, the price of Khooni Neelam 6.46 carat weight is lower than that of purple sapphire 5.75 ratti. However, the carat weight of the latter has a low carat weight. This price variation is due to the vivid color and clarity of the second-mentioned gemstone. Apart from this, the value of certified Khooni Neelam stone is more. One can buy certified purple sapphire stone online at Navratan. 

In conclusion, the allure of purple sapphires in both the world of jewelry and astrology is undeniable. These enchanting gemstones, with their captivating shades ranging from violet to deep plum, have become a sought-after trend for those seeking unique and meaningful pieces. Their rarity and beauty make them a striking choice for jewelry enthusiasts, while in astrology, they are often associated with intuition, spiritual growth, and enhancing one’s psychic abilities. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection or seeking to harness the mystical energies they represent, purple sapphires are a trend that deserves your attention and admiration.


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