Know about the desirable tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline jewelry

The Meaning and Symbol of Tourmaline

Most of us are aware that the vibrant opal jewelry is recognize to be the auspicious October birthstone.

However, only a few of us are versed with the fact. That adorning tourmaline jewelry also brings fortune and good luck for those born in October. Its only in 1952 that the charming pink tpurmaline has been recognized. As the “October birthstone” by National Association of Jewelry.

In the realm of gems and jewels, the mighty tourmaline is treasured to be an epitome of creativity and wisdom, and it also unlocks the untapped potential of the mind.

And if you are wearing a blue hue tourmaline pendant, then its divibe energies will indeed bless u life with peace, positivity and charm.

Specially if you are someone with high spiritual goals, then tourmaline can indeed accelerate your journey by unlocking the divine powers trapped within the third-eye or the crown chakra.

These spiritual vibrations creates an aura around the person that emanates positivity and harmony.

Moreover, the wearer is also able to express his affection and love for all his close allies since tourmaline channelizes energy towards the cleansing of heart chakra as well.

When the heart chakra is misaligned, the person may go through turmoils, such as control and dominance in his relationship, that subdueds him from the opportunity to grow personally and experience inner peace.

An irritated response to all the external stimuli is often cause by such mental disarray.

The Green Tourmaline Jewelry‘s supteme energy can channelize the heart chakra towards attaining stability and love as well as emotional balance. This not only enhances the strengthens and emotional awareness, but also improves the sense of connection to the other half.

  1. Tourmaline jewelry Stimulates the Mental & Psychic Abilities .

Tourmaline connects to the third eye and the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is associated with high consciousness levels and intellectual abilities.

Adorning yourself with a scared Tourmaline pendant, placed closed to your heart, helps you attain high level of self-awareness and self-confidence. During meditation, it helps the brain to channelize all its energy towards the object of concentration.

Besides, it helps the wearer to unlock his/her hidden intellectual and psychic abilities to the best of his/her advantage.

  1. Tourmaline jewelry Leads to Better Emotional Health

Being bless with the serenity of the moon goddess, Tourmaline miraculously works to pacify high anger and intense tension, pilled-up in the mind of wearer.

And not merely anger, Tourmaline helps us to on the path of self-discovery, and foster a deep level of understanding about our how emotions. As a result, it leads to development of a better and more rational-response behaviour to external stimulus.

Even severe mental health conditions like anxiety disorder, depression, etc. can be waved through with the blessings and power of Tourmaline jewelry.

  1. Tourmaline is Adored as the “Stone of Lovers”

Tourmaline connects to the heart of its wearer. By flushing out all the envy, anger and ego from the heart. It helps us to develop a strong connection with other beings at a deeper level. It also fosters trust and a mutual level of understanding between lovers and friends.

If your relationship is going through ups and downs, then consider giving a surprise gift to your spouse or girlfriend by gifting her with a Tourmaline ring.

Just ensure that she is wearing it on her ring finger of her left hand as the linkage of this finger is directly to the heart.

  1. Tourmaline jewelry Has Strong Healing Properties

Most healing properties derive from wearing a Tourmaline pendant or a pair of Tourmaline earring or that Tourmaline pendant, gets translate into improved blood circulation.

Tourmaline positively charges the blood stream which leads to proper blood circulation of blood throughout the entire body. Improved blood circulation leads to a better hormonal health as well as promote a better physical well-being of the body.

The healing properties of Tourmaline also act as a shield against sunstrokes, headache, nosebleeds, epilepsy, etc.

Those with cancer zodiac sign in their astrological structure, should consider wearing a Tourmaline on their body as it is considered to be lucky for those with cancer moon sign.

  1. Tourmaline jewelry Holds Immense Feminine Power

Often called as the “fertility Crystal”, Tourmaline is an epitome of divine femininity.

Improved blood circulation, triggered by Tourmaline jewelry, leads to better hormonal heath among the females. This aids during:

  • Pregnancy

  • Childbirth

  • Menstrual Cycle

  • Menopause

In fact, on full moon night, Tourmaline become even more positively charged with the divine powers of the moon, and could be quite extra efficient during fertility and conception.


Tourmaline acts as a psychic shield, fending off and banishing any negative energy that may try to infiltrate your area. It can assist one in removing all negative energy that may cause any kind of disruption in their lives. It creates a calm and quiet environment so you can fully concentrate on whatever you’re doing. Additionally, it balances out negative thoughts and actually transforms them into optimistic ones.

According to legend, it can increase overall wellbeing. And the flow of positive energy by balancing and harmonising the body’s energy centres (chakras), as well as absorbing bad energies. It is also suppose to improve emotional stability, mental acuity, and physical energy. Simply clean the Black Tourmaline stone or jewelry is all that is require.

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