How to Draw Anime Boy Hair Easily

Draw Anime Boy Hair
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How to Draw Anime Boy Hair. Anime is a form of Japanese animation and has grown in popularity over the past few decades. It includes many styles, stories, and characters that many people have come to appreciate.

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Some anime may appeal to younger children, while others are more suited to adults, and there is something for everyone. Anyone who has enjoyed anime may have wondered how to draw anime boy hair so they can create their characters.

We’ll take care of that because we’ll show you how to do it in just 6 fun and easy steps! We’re going to break it down to show you just how easy it can be, and then we’ll also look at some ways you can make it even more unique and exciting.

You will want to take all your favorite drawing tools and art supplies with you as we work together to create a fantastic anime boy hair drawing.

How to Draw Anime Boy Hair

Step 1

Before drawing the hair, let’s start with this character’s face. As mentioned above, anime characters can come in many different styles, so face shape is something you can experiment with.

For now, let’s stick to the shape in our example. The face in the reference image is rounded and pointed simultaneously, creating a reasonably expressive design for your character.

It also leaves you plenty of room to add your facial details later! Before you begin, use a pencil to prepare your drawing. With a light touch, carefully draw the shape of the head with a rounded tip and an overall pointed shape of the jaw.

Then you can use the ballpoint pen or a darker pencil to draw the contour of the lower jaw, as shown in our example. Finish off with two rounded ear shapes on either side. This is enough for the face shape, and then we can move on to the more complicated parts when we start drawing the hair.

Step 2

Things might start to get messy here, but don’t worry! You can do it quickly if you take it slow and follow the guide carefully.

When drawing something new, it’s always a good idea to take your time and remember that if you mess something up, you can always try again. call me if you get lost hoodie

Now we have the outline of the head from the previous step. If you followed our advice on drawing the top of the head with a pencil, you could already imagine how the head and hair interact.

Start drawing two wavy lines at the top of the head. These connect in the middle in a slight depression.

At the outer ends of these lines, you can add spiky sections that act as the first curls of her hair. Then you can add many more similar spiky shapes under these curls to add more.

As shown in our example, the curls can get longer as you go down. Again, they can be different from what they appear in our example.

Different styles also have different shapes. Try to use a reference photo or image to draw a different hairstyle than the one created here.

You can also use different line techniques to get different hairstyles, so get creative and experiment with it when you’re in control!

Whatever you do, after this step, you will have the complete outline of the hair, and then we can start adding some internal details.

Step 3

The third step of drawing your anime boy’s hair may also be tricky. In this one, we’re going to draw the inner outline of the hairline on his face.

This is done with a series of subtle, slightly curving shapes similar to the ones we used on her hair. The difference this time is that the locks of hair are pointing straight down and not to the sides like last time.

We recommend working inward from the outer curls, and as you can see in our reference image, they don’t all have to be the same shape or length.

They don’t have to match our looks exactly; you can get creative with them! At the center of this outline is a larger curved space, as shown in our example.

You will find that the hair strands inside cover most of the face. This can add more mystery to the character, but you may want something else for your character.

Later in the guide, you can draw some facial features for the character if you’d like. If you choose to do that, you should draw less detail on the hair covering the face.

You could quickly achieve this by keeping the design we created here! If you are happy with how the hair looks in this step, we can move on to step 4, where we will add more details.

Step 4

You’ve completed the most difficult parts of this drawing, and now we will add more to the actual character you created.

We’ll start by drawing small, straight lines at the midpoint of her inner hair outline.

This adds some shading and also shows the roots of the hair. It’s a simple touch but adds realism and depth to the character.

Next, we’ll draw the neck and shoulders, which might be easier than you think! Draw two straight, vertical lines from his chin to draw his neck. call me if you get lost shirt

Then you can add the shoulders with diagonal lines running down the sides of the neck, as shown in our example. We’ve drawn a small portion of her shoulders, but feel free to add more if you’d like!

If you want, you can even draw the entire body of this character to create a full pose. Later in the guide, we’ll also look at ways to add more to the character.

Once you have all these details, you can gently erase any pencil lines you drew to plan your drawing, as they are no longer needed.

However, it would help if you were careful with this. If you drew the last few lines with a pen, wait for the ink to dry completely before erasing it, as it could smudge the ink if you’re not careful.

If you used a darker pencil instead of a ballpoint pen for the final lines, be careful not to erase any of the final lines accidentally. When you’ve finished the final lines and erased anything you don’t need, you’re ready for the finishing touches in the next step!

Step 5

Before we color your drawing, we still need to add a few minor details to complete our anime boy hair drawing. These details will be simple and small, but they will make a big difference in your design.

Start by adding a few tiny rows of lines near the center of the hairstyle. Adding these creates a more realistic parting for her hair, which you can see in the reference image.

Next, we draw some more short curved lines all over the inside of the hair to add more detail to the texture of the hair. You can copy them as we drew them in our example, but don’t be afraid to let your inspiration run wild!

Once these details are added, you are drawn and can enjoy coloring. Before proceeding, customize your drawing the way you like it.

One way to do this would be to draw the rest of the face. This is a great way to add even more personality to your drawing!

You could use an existing anime character’s face, but you could also design your own to create a unique character. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can draw the rest of this character’s body and create a pose.

Step 6

For the final step of this anime boy hair drawing guide, we’ll end with some coloring fun!

This step allows you to show off your creativity and have fun making your own creative choices.

We kept the colors somewhat muted in our reference image, opting for soft beige and brown tones. This was made to show you how it can be done, but feel free to use any colors!

Anime characters are often incredibly colorful and lively, so this would be an excellent opportunity to use your favorite colors and painting tools.

If you want the colors to look bright and vibrant, you can use colored pencils and markers. Certain types of paint also help the colors pop and pop.

You can even use other crafts like glitter or stickers to make it even more extraordinary. You can also add some colors to the background or other elements you may have added!

When you’re done coloring this image, it will look very different from our example and look fantastic!

We can’t wait to see how awesome it will look when it’s finished, as we’re sure you’ve brought all sorts of unique ideas to the drawing.

Your Anime Boy Hair Drawing is Finished!

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