How to Choose the Best Electric Toothbrushes for a Deep Clean

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Electric toothbrushes offer unparalleled oral care efficiency. With advanced features and technology, these dental tools can deliver a deeper clean than their manual counterparts while improving oral health. However, with so many choices available, selecting an electric toothbrush to meet your needs can be daunting. We’ve outlined everything necessary to find a deep clean electric toothbrush in this guide to simplify things for you.

Why Switch to an Electric Toothbrush?

Let’s first explore the numerous advantages of using an electric toothbrush:

More Effective Cleaning

With its high-speed bristle movements, an electric toothbrush can more effectively remove plaque and debris from teeth and gums than a manual toothbrush. Studies have revealed that people using electric toothbrushes experience lower plaque and gum disease than those with manual ones.

Customized Experience

Many electric toothbrushes feature different modes and settings that cater to individual brushing needs, such as sensitivity, deep cleaning or whitening. If you’re shopping for the rest of your family, and have a baby, do your homework and find the best dummy for newborns in Australia, too, when you shop for dental supplies.

Timer Function

Most electric toothbrushes feature an in-built timer to ensure you brush for two minutes per session.


While electric toothbrushes require charging, their battery lives are much longer compared with manual ones, thus reducing waste. That’s another reason to shop until you find the best electric toothbrush in Australia.

Choosing an Electric Toothbrush

Now that we understand the advantages of electric toothbrushes, let’s look into selecting one for our individual needs:

Before Shopping for Options

Electric toothbrushes range from basic models to high-end advanced options. Consider your needs and budget before searching for the best electric toothbrush in Australia. Are you after something simple with limited features or looking for top-of-the-line choices? While more costly models may offer additional features, even basic electric brushes still provide deeper cleaning than their manual counterparts.

Consider the Brush Head 

Electric toothbrushes offer various brush head options, from soft, medium, and firm bristles all the way through to special options that cater specifically to sensitive teeth or orthodontic appliances. Consider your individual needs and preferences when making this selection.

Explore Advanced Features

While basic electric toothbrushes may provide a thorough clean, more advanced models can offer additional features to improve oral health. Look out for features such as:

Multiple Cleaning Modes: Electric toothbrushes often feature different modes, including deep cleaning, whitening or sensitive.

Pressure SensorSome toothbrushes feature pressure sensors to alert if you are brushing too aggressively, which could damage gums and teeth.

Bluetooth connectivity: Some toothbrushes connect with an app on your phone, enabling you to track your brushing habits and receive personalized recommendations.

UV sanitiser: Some models have UV sanitisers that kill bacteria on the brush head, providing further peace of mind.

Battery Life and Charging Options

Battery life and charging options should also be key considerations when selecting an electric toothbrush. Search for models with long battery lives so you don’t have to charge frequently. Some toothbrushes offer built-in charging bases, while others use replaceable batteries. Consider your preferences before you shop.

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