Two Fastest Ways to Fix a Frozen Air Conditioner

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The air conditioner is a significant machine and you should take care of it so that it can work consistently without any hassles. When there is a warm air coming from the air conditioning system, then there is a problem associated with the supply resisters. You need to fix this issue to get a cool air supply. Sometimes, the water gets dripped onto the floor and this happens because of the ice accumulation on the evaporator coil. The AC coil unit gets frozen and the water drips onto the floor. Now to fix this frozen air conditioner problem, you need to adhere to two fastest ways which are mentioned by the AC repair Coral Gables service here in this blog.

Set the AC OFF and Blower ON

Now first of all, set the thermostat settings from cool to OFF. This will allow the refrigerant to stop moving to the outdoor unit.  If you will not switch OFF the setting, then chances are that the compressor unit can become faulty and there will be an expensive repair.  Another thing you should do is to set the fan from Auto to ON state. This will create a warm air to flow over the frozen coil and allow them to melt easily. Also, make sure that the cooling mode is set to OFF state so that the AC doesn’t start the cooling cycle.

Troubleshoot the Problem

Now one of the major causes of the air conditioner becoming frozen is that there is not enough airflow happening. So troubleshoot the problem and fix the issue. Troubleshooting will make the things easier for you and you can easily defrost the frozen state of the air conditioning unit.

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