Find an Indian Makeup Artist in Australia

Makeup artists are trained professionals who specialize in all forms of makeup styles. From full glam to natural looks, makeup artists have you covered for any desired appearance.

Make sure that you find the ideal artist for your special event by browsing their portfolio, kit and verified reviews on Flayr. You can even browse photos of previous work to gain a deeper insight into their style and capabilities.

 Ritu Makeovers

If you’re planning a wedding, an expert ritu makeovers makeup artist can give your face the perfect finishing touches. These experts have years of experience and use top-quality products for creating any style of ritu makeovers look you require – plus some even offer hair and nail services to complete the look!

Tania Chiha is an accomplished makeup artist who specialises in ritu makeovers looks. Using each client’s individual features as inspiration, Tania accentuates their inherent beauty through makeup application. She boasts exceptional skill with meticulous attention to detail – garnering numerous accolades in recognition of her efforts.

Airlie & Co are Sydney-based makeup and hairstylists who specialise in highlighting the natural beauty of their clients. Renowned for their professionalism and skill in creating different looks such as modern, red-carpet and Indian-inspired styles – Airlie & Co is also well known for upholding high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

They specialize in creating stunning Indian ritu makeovers looks with just a few strokes of the brush, offering services such as draping and pleating of your saree as well as setting and pinnapping your dupattas. Their clients include fashion divas, Bollywood celebrities and more, while their team utilizes products such as MAC, NARSE and Hourglass products to help clients look their best for special events such as weddings.

Celebrity Makeup

Professional makeup artists have the experience necessary to give you celebrity-quality looks. Using high-grade products and adhering to rigorous hygiene standards, their experts will create beautiful looks while creating a relaxing environment ideal for getting ready on your big day.

Beauty experts can be invaluable resources in selecting the perfect hair and makeup look for any special occasion. They know which styles suit different face shapes, skin tones and eye colors as well as which products may help achieve it. Furthermore, they may recommend styles which complement your gown or dress beautifully.

Tania Chiha is one of Australia’s premier makeup artists. With more than six years of experience and specialising in ritu makeovers makeup, she draws her inspiration from each client to bring out their natural beauty.

Rowi Singh is an acclaimed makeup artist with experience working on Karishma Kapoor and Urvashi Rautela, known for her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Featured in numerous magazines as a specialist of Bollywood-inspired looks, her clients adore Rowi’s unique style and professionalism.

Special Occasion Makeup

The top Indian makeup artists in Australia will understand your specific needs and provide customized service, listening carefully and helping you realize the look you want for your special event. They know how to match makeup products with dresses and accessories so your look lasts all day long; some even provide hair or nail services!

Kish is an expert makeup artist with decades of experience. Her expert techniques and artistic talent enable her to produce flawless looks for each client she works with, whether full glam or more subtle styles are desired.

She possesses extensive knowledge of traditional and contemporary South Asian styles, as well as international ritu makeovers trends. She only uses high-quality products that are safe for sensitive skin. Additionally, she provides services such as pleating or draping your saree and pinnapping/setting of dupattas.

Dani Kennedy has been practicing professional makeup artistry for three years and her experience and dedication have established her as one of Australia’s premier artists. With an eye for creating flawless finishes, her expertise includes working on multiple ritu makeovers and editorial projects as well as collaborations with established brands and experts.

Henna Tattoos

Nithya is a certified freelance hair and makeup artist who understands the significance of brides’ special days. Her keen eye for detail and artistic ability enable her to accentuate each client’s beauty – specializing in Indian ritu makeovers, wedding and special event styling while also being adept at creating more subtle looks for those preferring an understated approach.

Heera is one of the leading South Asian hair and makeup artists in Sydney. She boasts extensive knowledge in both traditional and modern styles, which enables her to create customized looks tailored to each client. Furthermore, Heera provides services such as pleating/draping of sarees or pinnapping/setting of dupattas.

Henna tattoos resemble permanent tattoos in appearance but are temporary, typically appearing on hands, feet, arms, neck or back and colored with natural substances such as henna or cassia seeds. Henna can be safely applied to skin without risk of open wounds or broken skin and operators should wash their hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after applying henna; any excess product should also be stored separately to the main stock rather than returned back into main stock; this allows more efficient application and use.

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