Crucial questions to ask your exhibition stand contractor for a successful event

exhibition stand contractor
Trade show participation requires a lot of planning and effort to make it a success for your business. Some exhibitors also hire trade show booth companies so that they can focus more on their product presentation and display. The trade show builders provide many services related to the design and structure of the booth. They provide you with consultations and even help with the shipment and storage of the booth. Sometimes things may go shady between a trader and a booth builder and to eliminate these differences, here are some questions that you may ask your exhibition stand contractor and booth builder for a successful event.


What is your experience with designing exhibition stands?

When you decide to take part in an exhibition, it might be important to choose an experienced stand builder so that it has expertise in designing a booth that looks visually appealing. An expert booth builder may help you get an exhibition booth that would draw more attention of visitors towards you so that it helps you generate more leads. You could look into their expertise and work through testimonials and past references.


How long will it take to design and build the exhibition stand?

When you plan to exhibit, it could be important to check the timeline of your booth construction. The timelines could differ as per the design, type and structure of the booth. An experienced trade show booth builder could provide you with an exact date and time for the completion of booth construction including delivery and installation. Knowing the exact timeline of your trade show booth installation could help you plan every other aspect related to it.


What materials will be used in the construction of the exhibition stand?

When you hire an exhibition booth constructor with turnkey services, you could ask them about the material and quality of tools they are going to add to your exhibit. The material quality of a trade booth determines its durability and you could use it in various exhibitions. An expert contractor will be able to advise you about the best materials to use while taking care of your budget, design requirements and customized features.


Can you provide any additional services?

Many exhibition booth companies provide end-to-end services in booth designing and construction. This could also involve services related to transportation, food, sanitization, lodging and storage. You could ask your contractor to add these services as it may help you save money and time while preparing.


Can you provide any suggestions for maximizing the impact of the exhibition stand?

An experienced exhibition stand contractor may help you provide valuable insights and suggestions to maximize the impact of your exhibit. The contractor could help you incorporate those features and arrangements that could help you get more attention from visitors and make your trade show participation successful.


Can you provide a 3D rendering of the design?

Before finalising a design for your trade show booth design, it might be essential to get a 3D replica of your booth. The design should showcase your brand’s mission and give a clear message to the visitors about your products. You may also ask your contractor to design it in a way that you could get an idea of how it is going to look at the trade show.


How do you provide onsite support and maintenance?

When you are presenting your exhibit at a trade show, you may need onsite support and maintenance services too. You could ask your exhibition booth company about how they support you during the show and what they will do if any issue or problem arises.

While selecting a trade show booth company, you might need to ask more of these types of questions in order to make sure that you receive the services that you desire to make your participation a success. It might be important to choose an exhibition stand builder who provides turnkey services so that you do not need to arrange more people for one task.

Another essential thing is to decide on the type of booth you are going to opt for. It could be modular, custom, double-deck, pop-up or any other type that fits your budget and requirements. You could also take advice from your booth contractor and make sure that your trade show participation helps you reach the goals and targets that you desire.

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