Cricket World Cup 2023: Dates, Schedule, Fixtures, and Latest Odds for the ODI Tournament

The cricketing world is once again brimming with excitement. As the air gets thicker with anticipation, fans eagerly await the commencement of one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport – the ICC World Cup 2023. The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently spilled the beans, releasing the schedule and letting the world know what’s in store.

If you’re looking to bet on World Cup or are just keen to know the cricket world cup 2023 fixtures, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deep and explore the opportunities to bet on the world cup.

ICC Announces the Dates

On the sunny morning of June 27, Tuesday, the ICC declared that the 2023 Cricket bet on the world cup would span from October 5 to November 19. So, clear your calendars and brace yourselves for some scintillating cricket action. For those who like their cricket combined with a bit of history and grandeur, the tournament culminates with the final match at the magnificent Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. 

Key Fixtures Not to Miss

For anyone wanting to mark their calendars or make an informed decision on when to bet on the World Cup, 

Here’s a Quick Glance at Some Key Fixtures

  • Opening Match England vs New Zealand on October 5 in Ahmedabad: What a way to kick off the World Cup! These two giants of the cricketing world will set the tone for what promises to be an epic tournament. 
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  • Australia vs South Africa on October 12 in Lucknow: The Proteas, fresh from their win over the Aussies in the 2019 edition, will be eager to repeat history. 
  • India vs Pakistan on October 15 in Ahmedabad: Always a treat for cricket enthusiasts! The Men in Blue triumphed over their arch-rivals in their previous ODI WC encounter in 2019 in Manchester. Can they do it again? 
  • Pakistan vs Australia on October 20 in Bengaluru and England vs South Africa on October 21 in Mumbai: Mid-tournament, and the games are heating up. Expect fireworks! 
  • India vs New Zealand on October 22 in Dharamsala: A game etched in the memories of Indian fans as India lost to the Kiwis in the 2019 edition’s semi-final. A chance for redemption, perhaps? 
  • India vs England on October 29 in Lucknow: The Englishmen had the upper hand in their semi-final clash during the 2022 T20 World Cup. It’s time for India to even the score. 
  • Australia vs England on November 4 in Ahmedabad: A classic rivalry. The last time they met in a World Cup semi-final in 2019, England emerged victorious. Will history repeat itself or will the Aussies have their revenge? 
  • England vs Pakistan on November 12 in Kolkata: Another high-voltage game to watch out for.

Latest Odds for the Enthusiasts

For enthusiasts keen on placing bets during the World Cup 2023, it’s essential to note that betting odds fluctuate as the tournament unfolds. These odds often reflect a team’s recent performance, prevailing conditions, player injuries, and other unpredictable factors. Seasoned betters always recommend keeping a watchful eye on how teams evolve and analysing their recent match history. 

This strategy offers insights that can serve as a guiding compass in the unpredictable world of sports betting. Cricket matches, much like the intricate tapestry of life, are peppered with unexpected turns. Hence, when you decide to bet on the World Cup, make sure to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and always make informed decisions.


The World Cup is not just a tournament; it’s an emotion. For countries, it’s a matter of pride, and for fans, a roller coaster of jubilation and heartbreak. And if you’re someone who’s keen on the cricket world cup 2023 fixtures, make sure you don’t miss out on these key matches. It’s more than just a game; it’s a celebration, and you’re all invited. Cheers to cricket!

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