Challenges While Writing Essay and How to Solve Them

Challenges While Writing Essay

An essay is a knowledgeable writing piece that’s informative or sometimes persuasive. When it is a lot for you to say and have little time, then essays are a great way to explore the topic in a glimpse. You can use some help from the essay writing service UK to know more about this.

There are various types of essays, each having its speciality. But most of them are commonly divided into parts that show their categorical speciality. Some of those parts are:

  • Argumentative: Essays that depend on a point or side mentioned by the writer and argue over them to be valid are argumentative essays. They can be persuasive and with factual proof to support your side.
  • Narrative: This is the type of essay that helps you dive into personal points and be creative with your imagination and narratives.
  • Descriptive: Essays that are very elaborated and keep their focus on the material instead of everything around.
  • Expository: This essay is neutral and does not support or oppose anything. They are commonly used to understand the knowledge and expertise in some specific areas.

Introduction of the Essay:

Start your essay with a hook because that will help you catch the readers’ attention in one go. For that, either begin with an unknown or a shocking fact. However, make sure that the start you choose is relatable to your topic and doesn’t divert their minds instead. Always write an essay in the simplest form and keep it qualitative. You can even add questions to it and give the audience the chance to interact with you. It’s nowhere near a rule that your essay should be one-sided. Make it as engaging as possible and keep their attention hooked. The more you complicate it, the easier it is to lose their attention.

How to Give Arguments?

Essays are a mind-blowing way to dictate your thoughts and views about a particular topic. It is a place where you indulge in your thoughts and can present your arguments properly with reasoning. Make sure they are valid and have enough proofs to back them up. It will add a different opinion for your readers. They should start to think from a point of view which is yours and could give them new ideas to ponder. However, one thing to note is that your essay does not end up talking about all facts and proofs only because we all know excess of anything is harmful.

 Taking Care of the Audiences:

Audiences or readers are the prime source that you are writing for. So, keeping them in mind while framing your essay is a necessity. You have to remember that there are different types of people and their understanding powers are all different. Therefore, keep your language lucid and clear for them all. Furthermore, if your readers are children and your topic and vocabulary are very rich, that’s a barrier to their comprehension. This is strictly to consider when you choose a topic and write.

Tone and Formatting:

The tone and formatting of the essay decide how that’s delivered to the audience and its impact on them. You cannot mention jokes in something educational, right? It’s because this will distract your readers and leave out the main point of the work. Also, unclear formatting makes it difficult to stay connected with the work and leave the desired impression. Here the attitude is seen, and is to take care that there’s no emotional or personal comments that can hurt somebody. It should strictly be either formal and informative or curious and friendly for entertaining.

Quotations and References:

We know proper research is a must when an essay is written. But so are the quotations and references. That is because these help your essay to deliver the way you want. It simplifies how your audience will interact with a point that you convey. A relatable quote helps one understand its relevance in the essay. Furthermore, a good reference will guide your audience towards the details of your explored way. Proper referencing helps you acknowledge the work of others in your writing to support it. Whereas, quotation helps the reader connect your work with the quotation writer who they probably know and makes it easier for them to see, which way you are taking the essay.

Defining the Purpose:

The purpose of an essay contributes to the reader knowing why they should read it and how it impacts their opinion. What are all the things that they will learn or explore if they read it, etc.

It is the way to know what specifically the essay focuses upon and will talk about those particular tasks or solutions. It has a goal either to provide some information or to answer some questions and explore the topics. When we communicate through it, it gives us credibility as to why we are correct and reasonable. To define it properly, you will mention an analysis of why is it so and what might have happened or why you choose to take it in this way. Your thoughts should give a clear image of your mind when you write it.

Ending your Essay:

Ending an essay is considered one of the most typical tasks for people. Because there are various things to remember when you wrap up your work. Foremost, it should connect with the beginning statement and stay the same till the end. It had to bring clear insights into what you have written so far and why it is valid. While doing so, you can add ‘call to action’ to give the reader a thought for further study and work. A notable resource for this is write my essay to try.


An essay could be of various types. Some give information, some for entertainment purposes, some explore the horizon of known and unknowns. Mentioned above are some challenges you commonly face while writing an essay and ways to solve them.

This might seem like a heavy task to remember and apply it all every time you write. However, this is not the case. Once you get hold of what and how, then it all turns in smoothly like a clean glide. If still in doubt, essay writing service UK is a great place to start.

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