Business Promotion Technologies

Business promotion technologies are tools used to market businesses. These may include personal selling, advertising and other techniques to raise awareness about a product or service.

An agro brand could use blockchain technology to verify claims of organic farming processes while footwear sellers could utilize it to help customers establish the authenticity of novel raw materials.

Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch can set the stage for a full presentation for your business, whether in an actual elevator or at a conference. While many might assume elevator pitches are reserved exclusively for job interviews, they’re actually equally useful to business professionals who may encounter potential investors or clients in various situations.

As part of your elevator pitch, it’s crucial that you narrow the information down to what’s most essential – this will ensure your pitch remains brief and engaging. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to think about who your target market demographics are so you can tailor the pitch specifically towards each group; for instance if targeting younger demographics (e.g. youth demographic) more visual elements might be included such as videos.

An effective elevator pitch relies on drawing out your prospect’s imagination through questions. Asking about their own experiences with certain issues helps them imagine themselves in these scenarios and see how your product could assist them.

Your elevator pitch must focus on both your audience and desired outcomes; for instance, when meeting with someone from HR it might be wiser to avoid technical jargon in favor of emphasizing how you add value to their organization.


Stickers offer an inexpensive way to brand a product or service with your company name, logo and contact details. Easy and cheap production allows them to be applied to various surfaces such as vehicles and other business equipment – perfect for word of mouth promotion! Many businesses give away stickers as employee gifts for water bottles and notebooks in their workplace so that these promos will always be seen by potential clients!

Line, Kakao Talk and WeChat, which pioneered emoticons in Asia, now provide rich sticker sets to their users. These stickers replace confirmation messages such as ‘OK’, ‘Got It’ and ‘Yes’ with expressive emoticons that express various emotions and feelings – plus many users find them collectible and addictive; searching endlessly for that ideal sticker addition to add to their collections!

Some sticker sets are promoted as more than mere emoticons, with their creators seeking to tell stories beyond simple expressions and actions of emoticons. This storytelling-oriented mindset has contributed to the immense success of Line’s Brown and Cony characters as they’ve been promoted through cartoons, TV commercials and even merchandise such as stuffed animals.

Vehicle Decoration

No one outside a car rental company would expect to find decorations like confetti and glitter inside a rental vehicle, as these materials require substantial cleaning efforts before future guests discover it months later. Body paint, silly string, shaving cream or party poppers may also not be encouraged; but as long as your decoration won’t block the license plate or cause interior damage most booking companies are open to it.

Social Media

Every digital campaign’s primary aim is to connect with its target audience and persuade them to take desired actions, whether this involves personal selling, advertising or any other technique. A successful digital business promotion strategy may employ various strategies as needed depending on what product or service is being promoted.

Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary digital innovation, used to verify and increase customer confidence for new product offerings such as organic fruit or Kashmir shawls. Blockchain offers proof needed to build customer trust.

Utilising emerging digital technologies for business promotions will enable marketers to tailor their campaigns more closely towards reaching the appropriate user group with increased chances of success, as well as make them more flexible and adaptive to shifting customer expectations.

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