What Are Google Business Reviews? Impact Your Business Presence Online

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Online reviews have become a critical component of the decision-making process of customers in this digital age. Before making a purchase or visiting a business more than 90% of customers read online reviews according to research. For businesses, it is more important than ever before to actively manage their online reputation through platforms like Google reviews. Businesses now started to display Google reviews on Shopify websites to build their brand reputation and credibility. 

Businesses can get both positive and negative reviews. Positive reviews can attract new customers to your business and increase the revenue of your business while negative reviews can deter potential customers from taking your products or services. The customers will remain loyal to your business and share it with others when they are appreciated. You must engage more with your customers or pay attention to review platforms.

What Are Google Business Reviews?

The business listing service of Google, which helps users who are searching for information, services, or businesses over the Internet is said to be Google Business Reviews. To boost your visibility and fetch more customers by listing your business on Google is also one of the significant things and it is also free. It has exceeded most traditional company listing services due to Google’s wider reach and search strength. 

To take part in Google business reviews, you don’t have to require a Google Merchant account. Google business reviews have gone through several enhancements and improvements to reach where it is today. For any business, in acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, positive reviews are crucial. 

Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Businesses need to get online reviews more than ever because consumers want detailed first-hand information from their peers about any product or service of a brand. These online reviews will help customers make their purchasing decisions or inform them about the customer experience of a particular brand or business. By adding a Google reviews widget in Shopify website, you can display customer reviews to get more potential customers. Some key points are mentioned below that show how Google review can impact your business presence online. 

1. Google Reviews Improve Local Search Ranking 

Improvement in local search ranking is the biggest advantage online reviews will bring to your business or brand. Reviews help with ranking and revenues for businesses or brands. But it is also important for businesses to know how they improve local SEO, customers must find your business over the internet so that they can buy your products or services. To help your business stand out among the crowd, online reviews on your Google Maps listing are important so that it will make an impact. 

2. Google Reviews Increase Credibility And Trust 

As per the reports of Bright Local, more than 91% of customers between the age of 18-44 trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their family or friends. But for this, businesses or brands need to match three criteria that are Credibility, having ample reviews on the same site, and being in the right industry. Google is the most trusted search engine globally and this is the major reason why customers trust Google business reviews. 

3. Google Reviews Influence Buying Decisions

From thinking about purchasing a product to actually buying an item, online Google reviews are the push customers require. When customers read online Customer reviews they are looking for validation that they are spending their hard-earned money on the right thing. Positive online reviews just give the confirmation that consumers are looking for while making a purchase. It can work the opposite for your business, if you got a lot of negative reviews or low star ratings recently then your customers will turn towards your competitor. 

How To Receive More Online Google Reviews?

The more online Google reviews the more conversions you will get which also increases your sales. Here are some tips you must use to receive more online reviews for your business. 

1. Update Suitable Information About Your Business 

While filling out your business description one thing you must keep in mind is that it must include all the information that your customers must find useful and suitable. You can incorporate keywords but be careful that you don’t overstuff them otherwise Google will take this as spam and your local search engine rankings will be affected. 

2. Consider Online Review Management Software 

To monitor and promote online Google reviews, businesses or brands must consider online review management platforms. As per the survey, more than 77% of customers want to leave reviews for businesses or brands but the complicated process makes it difficult for them. With the online review management software, you can easily streamline the invitation process and make it easy for your customers to leave reviews on your business website easily. 

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Final Thoughts 

Online Google reviews can impact your business presence online because customers are the real game changers in this digital era. With customers and leads, you will efficiently communicate with the help of review management Softwares by sending them to review links through email or text. To make your brand or business visible, develop a brand reputation, and gain more new customers.

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