5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers (Active & Cheap)

best sites to buy youtube subscribers

Boosting a YouTube channel’s subscriber count is a strategic move many creators consider. Here’s a curated list of the top 5 platforms to buy YouTube subscribers in 2024.

1. Famups

  • Highlight: Specializes in targeted subscriber growth.
  • Website: famups.com

2. Sociallym

  • Highlight: Ideal for bulk subscriber acquisition.
  • Website: sociallym.com

3. FeedPixel

  • Highlight: Perfect for creators with limited budgets.
  • Website: feedpixel.com

4. Media Mister

  • Highlight: Offers region-specific subscriber targeting.
  • Website: mediamister.com

5. Buy Real Media

  • Highlight: Quick delivery of subscriber numbers.
  • Website: buyrealmedia.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Subscriber Retention Guarantees?

    • No definitive guarantees; subscriber retention is variable​​.
  2. Subscriber Source Methods?

    • Varies from promotional campaigns to bot accounts; affects engagement quality​​.
  3. Password Requirements for Purchase?

    • Not required; reputable services only need channel details​​.
  4. Payment Options Available?

    • Includes cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies, among others​​.
  5. Detectability of Purchased Subscribers by Competitors?

    • Indirect signs may be noticeable, like disproportionate subscriber-to-engagement ratios​​.
  6. Geographic Origin of Subscribers?

    • Depends on the provider, with options for both global and regional targeting​​.
  7. Limits on Subscriber Purchase?

    • No fixed limit, but practical considerations apply, like algorithm detection risks​​.
  8. Risks of Subscriber Purchase?

    • Includes credibility issues, potential YouTube actions, engagement discrepancies, and financial risks​​.
  9. Identifying Legitimate Subscriber Services?

    • Look for service transparency, secure transactions, and reasonable customer support​​.
  10. Engagement Levels of Bought Subscribers?

  • Dependent on their authenticity; bots and inactive accounts offer minimal engagement​​.
  1. Impact on Video Rankings?

  • Subscriber numbers alone have limited influence on YouTube algorithm rankings​​.
  1. Organic Growth Alternatives?

  • Focused on content quality, audience engagement, collaboration, SEO, and social media promotion​​.
  1. Purchasing for Others?
  • Possible with consent and choosing a reputable service​​.
  1. Pricing Structures Explained?
  • Varies based on quality and quantity; extreme bargains may indicate low quality​​.
  1. Credibility and Authority Enhancement?
  • Can offer an initial boost but genuine engagement is key for long-term credibility​​.
  1. Post-Purchase Growth Strategies?
  • Consistent content, active engagement, analytics review, collaborations, and targeted promotions recommended​​.


Purchasing subscribers can be part of a YouTube strategy, but balancing it with quality content and genuine engagement is essential for sustainable channel growth.

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