The Realm of Anime and Manga

Anime is the animated version of art that includes fun characters, voices, and a heart-captivating and mind-blowing storyline, sometimes based on manga titles. Manga is like comics. You can watch anime on online streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Animixplay, 9anime, and so on, few of those are paid and few are completely free. Manga is a printed and illustrated art form with unique characters with pointed features and short yet interesting plots and stories. Talking about the difference between anime and manga is, that anime has episodes while manga comes in chapters and volumes. The audience of both anime and manga is diverse. We can’t compare anime or manga because both have different mediums and it is people’s preference to like one better than the other.

If you like building characters in your imagination, you can read manga comics, but anime is your way to go if visuals please you more. The fun fact is that some very famous anime like Naruto and One Piece are based on manga.

Why is there hype in anime and manga?

The craze was first seen in Dragonball’s “Transformed At Last! The Legendary Super Saiyan, Son Goku, the 95th Episode of Dragon BallZ marked the birth of the most iconic transformation of all time, SUPER SAIYAN! Goku managed to achieve this form against Frieza after he killed Krillin. Even though the Internet was not that popular in those days, this episode still managed to slow down YouTube and other sites because so many people were watching it. 

Limits Super Surpassed! (Dragon Ball Super) How can you not include this episode on this list? I mean, it’s not possible. Dragon Ball has so many iconic moments but this one tops them all. In this episode, Goku went Ultra-Instinct for the first time. After Super Saiyan, this transformation was the one that really hyped me up! Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation against Cell was also dope, but it was never on this level. 

Likewise, there are many such anime like Bryan mode in Naruto, Gear 5 One Piece and so on which crushed the internet. And then there are anime like Demon Slayers, Vinland Saga, and Law of Reincarnation Raw that are budding and have heart-captivating plots and story lineups. 

What is manga and manga anime?

Manga is not a casual word that we use in conversation. So, what is manga?

If I assemble it and put it in simple words, manga is a Japanese form of art that uniquely tells a story using an artistic visual style. Manga is an overall term used for a large number of graphic novels and comic books that has its origin in Japan. The term manga is derived from two Japanese words: “man”, which means whimsical or entertaining, and “ga”, which means pictures, images, or cartoons. Different from the American or Western world comic books that are printed in full color, Japanese manga is always black and white. Also, Western cultures usually read from left to right, while Japanese manga goes from right to left. 

The beautiful and mind-blowing plots and story lineups like Dragonball, Naruto, and One Piece are so well showcased in the manga that compel an individual to fully indulge in that stuff. And then there are Vagabond and One-Punch Man which are quite interesting having a simple story lineup yet popular worldwide. 

Attractive facts about anime:-

1. The ramen shop ‘Ichiraku’ in Naruto exists:

Naruto is one of the best anime in the entire anime world. Even if you’re a fine fan of this Anime, you would know that Naruto’s favorite ramen shop is known as ‘Ichiraku’.

I’m here to tell you that this ramen shop exists! It’s real, guys. You can actually find it in Kyushu under the same name. It is located near the university Masashi Kishimoto, the author of the series, went to. Masashi was so in love with the ramen shop that he had to include it in the series!

2. There is a reason behind the name of the series called ‘Bleach’

Bleach is one of the 3 big (with Naruto and One Piece). Even those who don’t watch it know well what it is about. But do we know why exactly the name of the anime is so? Let’s learn about it.

The creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo, gave two reasons behind the naming of the series. The first reason is that bleach is used to remove stains on clothes and to whiten them. This is similar to how the soul reapers in the series cleanse or bleach their souls.

The second reason, which is the important one, is because it’s the name of a Nirvana album and it’s one of Kubos’ favorites. 


Anime is a Japanese-inspired character. Anime is the animated version of Japanese art that you can use in shows and movies, while manga is the graphic version. Manga is mostly used in comics and novels. However, both styles are amazing and super engaging for teenagers and adults worldwide You might not know, but most anime shows and movies are usually based on manga because the manga is the comic or novel type that you can only read. However, no manga is ever based on anime. If you have difficulty differentiating anime and manga, you can try to remember anime by animation, as that will automatically remind you that manga is comic or novel style. 















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