8 Best Utility Pokemon In Pokemon VGC


When it comes to moves, skills, and Pokemon in competitive Pokemon, utility can mean many different things. The best Pokemon for utility are listed here.

Trainers pick competitive Pokémon teams by hand to make sure they always have a winning plan. Utility Pokemon are one of the most popular team types and Pokemon jobs in competitive play. A utility Pokemon has a set of moves that are meant to help it do a certain job in battle, which can be offensive or defense.

Utility Pokemon have strong base stats and a lot of moves, and they can be used in different ways based on what the team needs. But utility Pokemon are usually only good at one thing, which gives them a helpful edge. Pokemon like lead, defense support, and sweeper are all examples of tools in competitive play. Let’s look at the best utility Pokemon for Pokemon Go and the Video Game Championships (VGC).

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