7 Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Modern Homes & Living Room

7 Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Modern Homes & Living Room

Everyone aspires to have a dream home with the best interior design and a modern appearance. Tiles play a significant role in the overall look of a room. Selecting floor tiles can still be easy, but deciding on the right wall tiles for the living room and other rooms of your house is quite challenging. You are never sure of what might look the best and which design can ruin the aesthetics of your room. Therefore, it is advised to do some necessary research and find out some latest trends in wall tile designs. Some of the best wall tile design ideas as listed below:

1. Textured Tiles for a Modern Eye-Catching Look

Textured tiles are great to give your living room an extraordinary appearance. These tiles have a rough surface, which makes the texture look more realistic and gives an eye-catching look to your wall. You can find textured tiles in a natural stone finish that would resemble the look of stone or in a wooden finish resembling real unpolished wood and in several other textures. If you are looking for something unique that looks trendy now and also in the future, a wall with textured tiles would be perfect to go for.

2. Wooden Finish Tiles To Create a Specific Pattern

 Wooden finish tiles look great even if you install them simply without following any specific pattern. However, if you want something more than just a tiled wall, you can purchase wooden finish tile planks and create a herringbone or chevron pattern using them. Instead of the real wood tiles, it is advisable to go for GVTs in a wooden finish that resembles the look of real wood. Small-sized tiles in a rectangular shape will be ideal for creating this pattern and achieving a creative wall look. 

3. Digitally Printed 3D Wall Tiles

Digitally printed wall tiles in a 3D look have been in trend for the past several years. These tiles come in various designs and patterns giving a three-dimensional appearance from all sides. As the name suggests, the 3D pattern is printed digitally on the surface of these tiles, which creates illusions and adds visual depth to the design, making it look more realistic. If plain wall tiles or traditional artistic patterns do not excite you, you can check out the collection of digitally printed 3D wall tiles from top brands available in the market. 

4. Large Format GVTs in Marble Look

Large-format glazed vitrified tiles are not just a great option for flooring, but you can also use them on walls. These tiles are available in glossy as well as matte finish, allowing you to choose any one based on your design preferences and interior design. You can find marble look tiles in a variety of colors in the market. From light-colored marble pattern tiles to bold-colored ones, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you want to give your living room wall a consistent and elegant look, these large-sized tiles would be a great option to consider.

5. Geometric Pattern Wall Tiles

Wall tiles with printed geometric patterns are also in trend these days. If you want something more than plain tiles, but don’t like too much experimentation, you can consider geometric pattern tiles for the walls of your home. These tiles can drive the attention of your guests and outsiders by creating a focal point in your room. With a balanced mix of lines, shapes, and patterns, these tiles give a sophisticated appearance to your walls and add drama to the space. 

6. Rustic Finish Tiles in an Artistic Look

Wall tiles with an artistic look and rustic finish are perfect for modern homes with a touch of art in their interior designs. You can find some best designs in this category in Johnson’s Porselano collection of wall tiles. Their ‘Ajanta Stone’ and ‘Harappa Brown’ tile designs are must-check options. While adding an element of art to your home, these tiles help you achieve a unique look that never goes out of style. If choosing artistic-look tiles, make sure that they match the overall theme and style of your home.

7. Tiles of Mixed Widths 

If you love experimenting with interior designs, this is something you must try. Get tiles of the same color and pattern, but of different sizes, and install them randomly on your living room wall. Using the same tile design in different widths, you can create a unique pattern and make your room’s wall look extraordinary. You can even try using multiple colored tiles, but make sure that the tiles are of the same tone and look good together. This is a great idea to consider if you don’t want to give a monotonous look to your living room’s wall. 

Selecting the Right Designer Wall Tiles for Living Room

The living room is the focal point of your house and hence, it becomes important to pay special attention to its overall design and appearance. Once you decide on the type of tiles you want, you can start looking for the top tile manufacturers in the market. Make sure that you only consider the trusted brands and compare their designs to make the right choice.  H&R Johnson is one of the top tile brands having a great collection of designer wall tiles for the living room and other areas of the house. You can check out their collection and go for a design that suits your house’s theme.

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