5 Best Lynx Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail


Lynx can use HP-focused light cones to their fullest, just like Natasha and Bailu did in Honkai: Star Rail.

As of now, Lynx is the second 4-star healing character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is the game’s newest 4-star Abundance character. Her healing skills make her a very valuable addition to any team, even though she is only a 4-star character. Lynx’s skill can heal a single target, and her ultimate can heal everyone in the area. Her ultimate can also remove debuffs from all allies, which makes her a useful and flexible healer. Lynx can also make characters that are Preservation or Destruction more aggressive, which makes her even more useful in a group.

Lynx scales with her HP stat alone, just like Bailu and Natasha. This includes the damage factor she adds to basic attacks. She is not the same as Luocha, whose ATK number makes her stronger. This means that light cones that work for HP-based characters like Bailu and Natasha can help Lynx. Light cones that boost Lynx’s Energy Regeneration are also worth thinking about, though, since her Ultimate skill is very useful. Light cones that increase Effect RES can also be helpful in Honkai: Star Rail fights that are hard. Note that all of the following light cones work very well for Lynx. This means that if players have max superimposition on one and low superimposition on the other, they might want to get a light cone with more superimpositions instead.

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