What Is A Good Example Of A Personal Statement?

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Have you ever considered why no matter what phase of life you are in, crafting a personal statement is considered so important? Well, the answer to this is simple. Personal Statement is a perfect way of standing out from other individuals. Whether you are applying for scholarships, universities abroad, or your dream job, these statements provide insights into why you are a perfect candidate. Thus, you should always resonate your personal statement with your goals and aims.

Do you want to create your own statement? Are you looking for some excellent personal statement examples to take an idea from? Well, then, you are in the correct place. In this guide, you will find incredible examples below to help you craft a compelling personal statement. But before proceeding further in this blog, you need to understand the cruciality of the personal statement. And also how to create one that will make you impress your readers. Wondering why? By knowing this, you won’t encounter any problems whilst writing them.

Thus, we advise you to stick to the end of this guide. (Trust us, you are going to benefit from it) Now, without wasting any more time, let us move on to the main portion of our article and unlock every intricate detail you need to know about the personal statement.

Importance Of Personal Statement

When it comes to your personal or professional life, personal statements hold a significant place. Do you know that not only does it set you apart from others? But it also is a great way to showcase your unique attributes and skills. Yes, it is true. Want to know what other reasons make personal statements so crucial? Well, then let us move towards the guide.

1. Makes You Stand Out

Yes, you heard it right. A personal statement is an outstanding way to stand out among hundreds of other people. Moreover, you get to show your individual uniqueness. It also allows you to go beyond and showcase your abilities, experiences, and skills. Honestly, we think it is a very amazing thing.

2. Shows Transferable Skills

You must be aware that you must have soft and hard skills in non-academic careers like jobs.  And that is where your personal statement comes in. Want to show your transferable skills? Create a strong and impactful personal statement. It also has every intricate yet relatable skill you have.

3. Creates A Lasting Impression

It is another reason why creating a personal statement is so crucial. Whether you are writing for a university or a job, it creates a lasting impact on your interviewer. Moreover, it shows why you are the perfect choice among others.

4. It Helps In Connecting With Audience

Yes, you heard it perfectly. Your statement allows you to connect and resonate with the audience from different fields. Through your personal stories and experiences, you can connect with others emotionally. Now, isn’t this amazing?

How To Create A Compelling Personal Statement?

Now that you have reached this part of the guide which means now you are perfectly aware of the importance of your personal statement. So without further ado, let’s see how you can create a good personal statement that will resonate with others.

1. Understand The Purpose

Do you know if you actually want to write a compelling personal statement then you need to understand the purpose you are writing it for? Because this way you will know what your audience is expecting from the statement. And you can also tailor it accordingly.

2. Find Your Strengths And Weakness

It is another great tip for crafting an over-the-top personal statement. You know the readers love it when you not only point out your strengths but also recognize your weaknesses in your statement. So do not forget to state your skills and experiences that shaped you into the person you are right now.

3. Keep Your Audience Hooked With A Compelling Introduction

If you want your audience to keep reading your personal statement then always start it with hook-worthy sentences. Add on anecdotes to give it a personal touch. Also, make sure it resonates and connects the audience with you emotionally. Do you need our expert take on this? Well then ask professionals at Personal Statement Writing Services Dubai to help you out with this. These experts have years of experience in creating such statements and will write one for you too according to the audience. They will put their heart and soul into creating noteworthy personal statements.

4. Be Clear

It is another one of our most significant tips for writing a personal statement. Always be concise and clear. Concise, we repeat, don’t you dare to write generic sentences as the audience genuinely hates it. And, by doing this, you will only put all your efforts down the drain. Stick to your point of view, and don’t exaggerate. Also, always use simple yet effective words.

Examples Of Good Personal Statement

You have reached this part of the guide, which means now you know the cruciality of a personal statement and how to write one for yourself. However, if you are still confused, don’t be because here are some examples that you can take help from. They are.

Example 1: Writing For College Admission

Belonging to a diverse family, it has always been my dream to study Anthropology at Heriot-Watt University. Not only do I love learning about different cultures from around the world, but how we as a society can fit together.

Example 2: Pursuing Psychology Degree

The human mind has always fascinated me. Indeed I am curious about how we all think, behave, and learn, So this curiosity guided me to pursue a psychology degree. Here in my psychology courses, I have understood the various theories of growth, cognition, and nature. I have even studied various mental issues and learned how to deal with them.

Example 3: Applying for A Job In Marketing

I have a knack for creating marketing campaigns that will attract the target audience. Also, I enjoy thinking about how perceptions vary from person to person. In my last job as marketing head, my team and I created visually appealing ads that kept the audiences on their toes. Here, I have a dream of working as a marketing specialist so that I can use my creative thinking skills to create campaigns that will connect individuals emotionally with each other.


So, you have reached the end of the guide. This means now your confusion about how to create a top-notch personal statement is long gone. But, still, if you need more clarification, you can take help from the above examples. But, remember they are just for your guidance.

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