TH12 Attack Strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Victory

TH12 Attack Strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Victory | Copycocbases

TH12 Attack Strategies

In the ever-evolving world of Clash of Clans, TH12 (Town Hall 12) represents a significant milestone in a player’s journey. It opens up a plethora of new opportunities for strategy and base layouts. For those seeking to conquer TH12, Copycocbases is your trusted partner. We specialize in providing comprehensive Attack Strategies and Base layouts to help Clash of Clans players ascend to new heights.

Our recent addition of TH12 Attack Strategies has been making waves in the Clash of Clans community. Crafted by expert players and rigorously tested by our team, our strategies have become immensely popular. In this article, we’ll dive deep into two of our most effective and sought-after TH12 Attack Strategies: Electro Loon and Shattered BoWitch.


  1. Electro Loon: Aerial Dominance

The Electro Loon strategy is a powerful TH12 attack strategy that leverages the potency of Electro Dragons and Balloons. This combination allows you to systematically dismantle enemy bases with precision and efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of how this strategy works:


  • Army Composition: A typical Electro Loon army consists of two Electro Dragons, eight Balloons, one Stone Slammer, and a selection of supporting troops such as minions, wizards, and a Battle Blimp.
  • Execution: The key to success with Electro Loon is funneling. Start by creating a funnel with your heroes and supporting troops. Once the funnel is established, deploy your Electro Dragons in the core of the base, using their chain lightning ability to clear out key defenses. Simultaneously, release Balloons behind the Electro Dragons to target remaining defenses.
  • Spell Usage: Rage spells are crucial in this strategy. Use them to boost the damage output of your Electro Dragons and Balloons, especially when they are in the core of the base. Freeze spells can be used to incapacitate enemy defenses temporarily.
  • Grand Warden’s Ability: Don’t forget to activate the Grand Warden’s ability to grant your troops invulnerability when they are under heavy fire.
  • Tips and Tricks: Pay close attention to the base layout and air sweeper positions when planning your attack. Also, timing is essential with the Stone Slammer – release it strategically to target key defenses or Clan Castle troops.


  1. Shattered BoWitch: Ground Superiority

The Shattered BoWitch strategy takes a different approach, relying on ground units to crush TH12 bases. This strategy combines Bowlers, Witches, and a Golem to create a powerful and relentless force that can dismantle even the most formidable bases:


  • Army Composition: A typical Shattered BoWitch army includes two Golems, six to eight Bowlers, six to eight Witches, a Wall Wrecker, and a handful of Wizards.
  • Execution: Begin by funneling with your heroes and a few Wizards. Once the funnel is established, send in your Golems to soak up damage while your Bowlers and Witches follow behind. Deploy your Wall Wrecker filled with P.E.K.K.As and the Barbarian King to penetrate deep into the base.
  • Spell Usage: Heal spells are your best friends in this strategy, especially when your troops encounter heavy splash damage defenses. Rage spells can boost the damage output of your Bowlers and Witches. Don’t forget to use jump spells to guide your troops through the base.
  • Clan Castle Troops: Requesting powerful Clan Castle troops like Ice Golems and additional Witches can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your attack.
  • Tips and Tricks: Carefully analyze the base’s layout and identify potential double giant bomb or trap locations. Properly timing the deployment of your spells and Wall Wrecker is crucial to success.



Copycocbases is your ultimate resource for mastering TH12 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans. Our expertly crafted and rigorously tested strategies, such as Electro Loon and Shattered BoWitch, are designed to help you conquer even the most challenging TH12 bases.

With the Electro Loon strategy, you can harness the power of aerial dominance, while the Shattered BoWitch strategy offers ground superiority. These strategies, when executed with precision and strategic insight, will undoubtedly elevate your Clash of Clans gameplay to new heights.

Stay tuned to Copycocbases for more cutting-edge Clash of Clans strategies, base layouts, and updates. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, we’re here to support your journey to TH12 excellence.


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