Saniya Chordia’s Journey to passion for design and architecture


VENTiVE Makers Circle by Saniya Chordia is a space where people come to give and get design solutions. They are a center for designers to meet clients and each other. Saniya Chordia also has a prototyping hub that caters to designers across industries with the sole purpose of providing a platform that fosters innovation and collaboration. They have a members program, but mostly people come to sit in the space. VENTiVE Makers Circle has recently started to focus heavily on metaverse asset creation, and they have also started to create immersive digital renders or walkthroughs. They believe that this is what sets them apart, and they have begun to find a niche in this vertical.


Saniya Chordia  used to adore geeking out in the tech lab and creating stuff for classes while she lived in the United States. Saniya would spend the most of her free time at the makers studio among machines and software. The mismatch between designers and their work process was evident when she returned to Pune and attempted to investigate the city’s design environment. This was mostly because there were not enough fitted workstations. There was nowhere in the city where people could gather and create stuff. Saniya Chordia believes that some of our products aren’t well thought out because of the outsourcing culture that exists in India, possibly due to the low cost of labor.This inspired her to make a space for designers to get together and discuss design problems.


Name Saniya Chordia
Father’s Name Atul Chordia
Date of Birth 2nd September, 1996
Company Name Ventive Makers Circle
Inception 2017
Education Parsons School of Design, New York
Interests Architecture, Art/Craft, Technology, New Ventures


Saniya Chordia’s Interests


Saniya Chordia  finds great satisfaction in collaborating with designers and revamping old buildings and structures. She has recently delved into the realm of container design, particularly for small-scale hotels and hostels. She believes that using containers is a sustainable construction material of the future. Saniya Chordia’s interests have also expanded into interior design and sculpture, and she is constantly exploring new avenues for creative expression. Saniya Chordia is also currently heavily involved in the styling and creative direction of the upcoming projects, frequently traveling back and forth to oversee the projects. She is passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences for guests, and Saniya Chordia is always seeking out new challenges to push her creative limits.


About Saniya’s projects at VENTiVE Makers Circle


At VENTiVE Makers Circle, Saniya Chordia receives many requests for highly specific art projects that often require the design and creation of a prototype that can be sent for manufacturing. To fulfill these requests, they rely on our machinery, including 3D printers and laser cutters, as well as digital prototyping methods and software. Recently, Saniya  has been exploring the use of Unreal Engine, a video game engine, to develop architectural creations that can be viewed in virtual reality. This innovative approach has allowed them to offer their clients a unique and immersive experience, bringing their designs to life in a way that was previously impossible. Saniya Chordia is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and they are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to bring our clients’ visions to life.

She feels like she has learned a lot from dealing with designers, vendors, and clients. Many of these projects have been small-scale with quick turnarounds, but Saniya Chordia has seen every project through and has had a great experience building a team of designers and meeting new and creative people in Pune.


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