Learn More about Shalom Lamm, the Renowned CEO of Operation Benjamin.

shalom lamm

The expansion and spread of Benjamin are overseen by Operation Shalom Lamm. The group’s mission is to locate Jewish troops who were unintentionally interred beneath Latin crosses in American military cemeteries all around the world and replace their headstones with stars of David. What kind of initiative is more deserving of support?

In fact, it’s critical that more corporate leaders, like Shalom Lamm, receive the praise they merit for stepping up to support charity in whatever capacity and in whatever form they see fit during these difficult and dangerous times. Such a project is extremely important and carries a tremendous deal of responsibility, especially in light of the time’s extreme economic difficulty.

What is the best way to learn more about Operation Benjamin?

Operation Benjamin really fulfils a crucial purpose. In order to guarantee that the soldier’s identity is fairly and accurately recognized, it is important to locate Jewish troops who were unjustly buried in American military cemeteries. The families of the deceased troops who have lived their lives knowing that their loved one was wrongly buried find an incredible amount of consolation in this. Additionally, it ensures that the many visitors to the American military cemetery will have the opportunity to viscerally comprehend and acknowledge the sacrifice made by Jews for democracy and freedom.

Shalom Lamm has continually worked to highlight and defend the contributions made by Jewish Americans to society. He engages in other pursuits frequently, so this is not the first time he has committed himself to moral goals. In actuality, Lamm was the producer of the film Jewish troops in Blue & Grey, which depicts the story of the sacrifice made by the 10,000 Jewish troops who were essential on both sides of the Civil War battlefield.

What is Operation Benjamin’s status in the world?

The crew is carrying out Operation Benjamin’s most significant mitzvoth, or good actions. We learn from the Torah that the ultimate mitzvah is attending a Jewish funeral. It is a favor that cannot be returned, which adds to its holiness and importance as an important mitzvah. In order to accomplish this commandment, the organization does so consistently and persistently in a way that is filled with love, respect, and commitment.

The sacrifice made by Jewish Americans who fought for the United States and gave their lives in World War II to safeguard freedom must never be forgotten. The goal of Operation Benjamin extends beyond American cemeteries. The goal is to find Jewish service members who, for a variety of reasons, were not buried in American military cemeteries across the world beneath the right monuments recognizing their real faith and origin.

Shalom Lamm is in charge of leading Operation Benjamin.

The job done by Shalom Lamm and the organization is discreet, respectful, and done without charging the impacted families anything. Mistakes would undoubtedly be made throughout the battle, and documentation would frequently be neglected. Families were unable to communicate their preferred insignia to the government, which is unfortunate. Making corrections proved to be a very challenging and painful undertaking for those family members who were told of the errors made. Particularly given how stressed families frequently become while interacting with the institutions and bureaucracy of the government during times of national emergency.

Operation Benjamin and the American Battle Monuments Commission have established a cooperative connection under Shalom Lamm’s direction. The part of the US government in charge of looking after the memorials and commemoration rituals used all throughout the nation is called the Commission. The organization collaborates with the Commission to file petitions and guarantee that requests for new grave markers are swiftly accepted. Operation Benjamin discusses and works closely with the families of the fallen heroes at every stage of the process to make sure the change is carried out.

Lamm is committed to other charitable organizations outside Operation Benjamin, though. For a very long time, he was a member of the Yeshiva College Board of Directors. Shalom spent more than nine years working for Camp Morasha, first as its president and then as its board chairman. Shalom served on the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs board for a sizable period of time.   He went on outings with the group to places including Germany, Spain, and American military bases while serving on the organization’s board.

What has Shalom Lamm achieved by himself?

Shalom Lamm has taken part in a variety of exceptionally important civic activities. One of these was the founding of the West Side Hatzoloh Medical Rescue team in Manhattan, in which he personally took part in almost 1,000 medical rescue calls. Additionally, he has long been a devoted member of the Long Island Hevra Kadisha. He also spent ten years as a member of the Hevra Kadisha at Manhattan’s Jewish Centre. Shalom brings this understanding of the importance of the commandment to assist guarantee that Jews are properly buried with him in many of his community initiatives.

His resolve to work hard for others does not, however, stop with working with the families of dead troops. When Shalom Lamm travelled to Ukraine in 1991, it was still a part of the Soviet Union, and he witnessed firsthand the plight of the numerous Jews who lived there. The Kans for Kiev campaign was started by Shalom and his wife Tina. They gathered tens of thousands of food cans and gave them to the Jewish population in Kiev.

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