How to Style Earring Trends, Shapes, and Sizes

Are you thinking about getting your ears pierced?

If it’s your first time going through this, you can get overwhelmed. Do you go with circular-shaped earrings or go for the dangles? Do fancy styles match your everyday outfits?

If you are unsure about style earring trends, this article is for you. Read these tips to find out how to give your outfit a chic look without ripping your ears apart.

Match Your Earrings to Your Shirt

When matching your earrings to your shirt, it is essential to consider both earring shape and size. If you are wearing a bold or patterned shirt, you should choose earrings that are either subtle or opposite in color. If you wear a simple shirt, you can experiment with bold, statement earrings.

Pay attention to the size and shape of your earrings as well. If you are wearing something with an intricate neckline, choose a small pair of earrings, as larger earrings will interfere with the look of your shirt. Wear small, stud-style earrings if your shirt has a busy collar and v-neck. 

Try It With With an All-black Look

When you are looking for a way to style your earring trends to create a bold statement, try it with an all-black look. Start by selecting a black dress or jumpsuit and topping it with a statement belt or oversized blazer. Choose a pair of drop earrings in one of the trendy shapes and sizes to draw attention to your ears.

Long, chandelier-style earrings will make a great statement, as will larger hoop styles with intricate details. Also consider ear climbers, Huggies, studs, tassel drops, and geometric shapes. 

Consider the Size and Shape of Your Face

When choosing the right earrings, consider the size and shape of your face. Oval-shaped faces typically look best with larger or rounder-shaped earrings such as hoops or drop earrings. Rounder shapes also look great on heart-shaped faces.

Square-shaped faces, on the other hand, should opt for edgier and angular earrings such as triangle or angular stud shapes. If you have a diamond-shaped face, look for earrings with curved edges or ovals that hug the face.

Small, delicate stud earrings will do the trick for individuals with narrower faces. 

Match It With the Rest of Your Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen the shape and size of your earrings, match them with the rest of your jewelry. Colors, materials, and designs should all coordinate with your earrings. A statement necklace and earrings with the same hue or similar designs can create an elegant look.

You can also mix and match metals or replicate the same shape of earrings for other pieces of jewelry. Moreover, you can choose earrings that you can sleep on, which tend to be more comfortable and fashionable. Sleep earrings also come in different styles, which can be combined with other pieces of jewelry for a more eye-catching look.

Style your earrings in the most fashionable way possible, and watch all the heads turn your way!

Choose the Style Earring That’s Perfect for You

Earring trends come and go quickly, so it’s essential to know the current shapes and sizes. Accessorize your look with fan-favorite shapes and sizes, or have fun experimenting with bolder options.

When styling earrings, remember to embrace your own individual taste for a look that’s uniquely you. So, go out there and customize your style earring with shape and size trends that speak to you!

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