Health Screening Tests Recommended for You at Different Ages

Recommended Health Screening Tests for You at Different Ages

If you’re wondering when you should start screening for the heart, bone density, cholesterol level and others, wonder no more. This blog post is for you to guide on the recommended routine screenings.

The medical fraternity in London clarifies that health screening is not important rather crucial for people of every age although the screening tests are likely to vary from person to person depending on age. Regular health monitoring facilitates early detection of many severe medical conditions including cancers, stroke and heart attack as well as controlling chronic diseases like blood sugar, explains a doctor, who attends patients for private health screening tests.

Many health screen tests are age-specific and you just don’t need to take them every year. On the other hand, certain tests require to be performed annually. These include the following:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Flu shot
  • Height and weight measurement

Age-specific tests that are recommended – for both men and women – include the following.

Age group between 18 and 39

  • A comprehensive body skin check to detect any suspicious lesion or moles
  • A cholesterol check – after 35 the check must be done annually; but if the reports are normal take the test in every 5 years
  • In addition to the tests mentioned above, women belonging to the said age group should undergo a breast exam annually to detect any lump or suspicious growth
  • Women also need to take an annual pelvic exam
  • Women, who’re 21 and above also require taking a Pap smear test every 3 years
  • Men require undergoing a thorough testicular exam annually

Age group between 40 and 64

  • Every woman should start having mammograms annually since the age of 40. However, if you’ve history of breast cancer in your family or suffer from other risk factors, you should start having regular mammograms earlier.
  • For men regular prostrate screening should start from 50. However, if you suffer from higher risk of developing prostate cancer, then your screening should start the screening test from the age of 40.
  • In addition to the tests mentioned above, it is important that both men and women undergo full body scans annually to detect lesions or suspicious moles for early signs of skin cancer.
  • They also need to take the fasting blood sugar level test to detect the chances of diabetes.
  • Colonoscopy and colorectal cancer screening should start for every individual from the age of 50. If the results are normal, take each test every 10 years.

People above 64 years of age

There are some age-specific medical screenings that must start at 65 and be conducted annually. These include the following:

  • Starting from 65 years of age both men and women should take bone density test within every 2 to 5 years. However, if you’re in the high-risk group, this should start earlier at 60.
  • Get a pneumonia vaccine every 5 years to avoid certain risk factors as well as health conditions.
  • Consult your regular physician if you need pneumococcal and shingles vaccinations too.
  • A combined height and weight test (shrinking height may indicate osteoporosis).

At Health Screening Clinic, private health checks and health screens also recommend a CT lung cancer screening for individuals, between the age group of 55 and 74, who smoke or used to smoke.

You should also share your concerns and queries with the doctor during these screening programmes.

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