German Institute in Delhi

Oracle International Language Institute brings together an expansive range of international languages and professional qualifications under one roof. Their teaching locations across the country offer interactive sessions with industry experience and practical application.

They offer a 1-year part-time course with two semesters. Their small batches enable personalized attention. Furthermore, students receive top-quality study materials and an experienced Mentor Group.

Best German Courses in Delhi

German is one of the world’s most taught and studied foreign languages, making it an integral component of international communication and research. Many physicians also possess some reading knowledge of German; thus it’s crucial that you find suitable German courses in Delhi.

Oracle International Language Institute in Delhi provides German classes using a blend of technology and pedagogy, with robust courses that meet international standards and placement assistance, making them a full-service language training provider.

Edusky Deutschlernen Academy stands out among top German coaching institutes in Delhi as a premier institution that offers personalized attention for its students. With small class sizes that ensure quality instruction from experienced and well-qualified teachers using cutting-edge methodologies to teach German.

This renowned institute provides both classroom and online German classes from Beginner level (A1 & A2) through to Advanced level (C1 & C2). Their teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who use modern methodologies that make learning enjoyable for their students. Their classrooms are fully-equipped with audiovisual resources for optimal teaching methods; weekly doubt-clearing sessions and group discussions take place as well. Their fees are highly competitive while they offer flexible class timing.

Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute was established to address a gap in demand for foreign language courses and supply. Established on 11 October 2012 and registered with the Registrar of Companies Delhi.

Oracle originally began as an English learning center, but has since expanded its linguistic offerings to include both international and regional languages.Oracle International Language Institute approach to foreign language teaching is both pragmatic and makes learning exciting.

Oracle International Language Institute provides German classes both short-term and long-term for its students, led by highly qualified instructors who aim to give each one a comprehensive knowledge of this ancient tongue.

Language Pantheon

Language Pantheon can help you reach your German learning goals whether as a hobby or professional necessity. Offering various courses taught by highly-qualified teachers, as well as access to e-resources and free video content to enrich the learning experience, Language Pantheon provides everything needed for successful instruction.

This German institute in Delhi has helped numerous students achieve higher grades on their Goethe-Zertifikat and TestDaf exams. Their dedicated teaching faculty ensures each student gets individual attention; special exam preparation classes are held specifically for those taking these exams; while interactive activities to enhance your conversational abilities are organized.

The founder of this institute believes that today is an era of communication, and learning a foreign language can open doors of success for anyone. They offer very flexible schedules with weekday, weekend and online German classes available – they even provide you with a certificate upon completion!

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Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin German Institute in Delhi offers training to meet various levels, with instructors being experts in German as well as possessing extensive knowledge about its country of origin. They provide individual attention for every student and allow them to work on German projects as part of a personal attention scheme. Online interactive classes, internships and doubt clearing sessions can also be found here, while students also have access to official certification from Goethe-Institut.

Goethe-Institut (also known as Max Mueller Bhavan in India), one of the premier foreign language learning institutions, offers German classes from beginner to advanced levels for learners worldwide. Affiliated with the Embassy of Germany, their courses are recognized globally. With centers located across six cities nationwide.

Language learning academy iteskul offers several German courses in India for beginner through advanced levels, as well as those who wish to become tutors and translators of German. Taught by experienced mentors with one-on-one attention given to each student. Furthermore, placement support is available for those looking for employment as a language instructor or translator.

YES Germany provides more than just German classes; we also specialize in test preparation for Goethe-Institut and TestDaF exams. These classes are led by certified native speakers with extensive experience teaching German as a foreign language; they will help you master all four German skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing – plus provide comprehensive job-search and interview training packages to prepare you for life beyond school!

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