Best Vivo 5G Mobiles in India Price, Offers, and Other Details


Vivo has succeeded in creating a statement for those who are on a budget to purchase a phone. With amazing features and a sleek body, Vivo has paid attention to every possible need of its customers. A Vivo 5G mobile phone offers high-speed network connectivity and ensures high-quality performance and an excellent overall experience.

Keeping the growing demands of the customers in mind, Vivo has recently launched its Vivo V25 phone, a cross between premium and affordable smartphones. While you get premium quality features in V25.

You won’t have to drain your bank account to bring this beauty home. Vivo has been on the top of bestselling mobile lists since its arrival in the Indian market because never for a single device has it compromised its staple quality.

Anyone who has ever used Vivo knows that each phone that Vivo brings presents an amalgamation of quality, looks, and affordability. So, if you are searching for a new mobile, without hesitation, turn towards Vivo and bring home your reliable companion for years. Here is a list of Vivo 5G mobile phones to help you decide. 

Vivo V25 Pro

After the amazing success of Vivo V25, the makers have brought Vivo V25 pro for those who have been overwhelmed by its predecessor. The price of this smartphone is Rs 35,999. A powerful Octa Core Processor makes this phone easy to work with. It can support all your mobile needs. From gaming to video watching, V25 Pro makes everything smooth and seamless.

You will be delighted to look at the finish of this handset. It offers a premium quality look which is enough to wow the crowd. In addition to all these, you get a 5G network and 8GB RAM. Now, downloading heavy apps will not be a problem for you. Added to this, you get a high-quality camera setup and a decent battery life.

Vivo Y75 5G

The price of this Vivo 5G mobile phone is Rs 21,990. Y75 is one of the most reliable smartphones to try out. If you have the habit of multitasking, you can turn towards this phone without hesitation. It possesses the power and the strength to support all your mobile needs.

A large 6.58-inch screen ensures that you get a seamless and trouble-free video and movie-watching experience. A high-quality camera setup makes it easy for you to capture moments.

From photography to videography, this smartphone fulfills all your needs with ease. A powerful 5000 mAh battery ensures a long hour of use. You will not run out of battery frequently. For this reason, you can continue to use this phone without charging it for hours.

Vivo V23e 5G

You just have to pay Rs 23,999, for this smartphone which promises to support all your multitasking needs. It comes with a Fluorite AG Glass finish which makes viewing a video watching a delightful experience. In addition to this, you get a smooth and stylish finish which makes this handset a must-buy for anyone who loves to flaunt sleek-looking mobile phones. V23e is the perfect fusion of innovative technology and amazing creativity.

It brings you a perfect camera setup which ensures that you get to capture every moment in its proper vividity. Master craftsmanship is evident on the finish of V23e. It comes with more than a 5G network which makes sure that you get a smooth and quick data-downloading experience.

From a selfie camera to a high-quality rear camera, you get a lot for the price you are paying for this smartphone. In addition to all these, you get dual video recording ability with this mobile phone.

Vivo V25 5G

When everything else confuses you, and every other smartphone looks similarly tempting, be sure to turn to Vivo V25. You can proudly own this device and use it without hesitation for hours. It ensures high-quality performance and reliable service. This is a phone which has been created to wow the generation which loves to flaunt their smartphones.

V25 ensures that its users remain delighted with the phone. The 5G network is one of the admirable features of this Vivo V25 5G mobile phone. From night cameras to high-quality selfie cameras, V25 makes sure that all your mobile needs are taken care of. You get a high 8GB RAM capacity for a seamless mobile application running experience. Learn about World news and shuftipro

With such a robust RAM capacity, you will not have to worry about downloading heavy apps. In addition, V25 features a sleek and stylish appearance. Use it to capture vivid moments or shoot videos to impress your viewers. This smartphone will support all your needs. You just have to pay Rs 27,999 to bring this beauty home.

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