Bakasana /Crane Pose: Learn the method and benefits of doing it

Bakasana/ Crane Pose: Learn the method and benefits of doing it

If asanas are given a place in the routine, then health can be made healthy and active. Today we are talking about Bakasana. Bakasana means Buck and Asana. Bak means stork which is also called heron. It is also known as Crane Pose or Crow Pose in English. While doing this asana, the position of the person becomes like a heron. This is the reason why it is called Bakasana. Today’s article is on this posture. Today, through this article, we will tell you what is the method of doing Bakasana. Along with this, the precautions (Bakasana Benefits) and benefits to be taken during this will also be known. Join the Online yoga classes Canada for the best in your career and health.


How to do Bakasan:

First of all, lay a mat on the ground and sit down with both legs bent. Now keep both your hands forward and come on the toes of the right and left feet. Keep in mind that there should be a slight gap between your hands. Now lift your hips bend your legs slightly and give your full force on both hands. Now bend your knees slightly by joining the heels of your feet on the ground. Keep in mind that your hands should still be on the ground and there should be a gap between the two. Now bring your knees near the corner and lift your hips. Now with the help of your hips try to keep the knees on the corners. First, lift the left leg and then lift the right leg. Now both the legs should be in a straight line. Stay in this position to the best of your ability. After that first place the left foot on the ground and then the right foot on the ground.

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This asana is a bit difficult, so in the beginning, you can take the help of experts.


Precautions to be taken while doing Bakasana

1- People suffering from high blood pressure should not do this asana.

2- Those who have heart problems should also avoid doing this asana.

3- Those who are mostly troubled by shoulder pain, should also not do the asana.

4 – While doing this asana, maintain restraint and keep the balance right.


Benefits of doing Bakasana:

1- By doing Bakasana, not only the muscles of the face are healthy but also there is a glow on the face.

2- Those who do this asana never have stomach diseases.

3- You can do this asana to strengthen the weak muscles of your hands and feet.

4- If you want to remove the accumulated fat in the body, then you can do this asana as well as make the body healthy.


Note – The points mentioned above show that doing Bakasana has many benefits for health. But before doing this, it should be known which people should not do this asana. Along with this, the method of doing the asana will also have to be understood because this asana is not very easy, so in the beginning, you can take the help of experts.

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