Automating IT Sector Workflow to Streamline Business Operations with eSigns

Automating IT Sector Workflow to Streamline Business Operations with eSigns

As per a popular social media meme, going viral at present, neither CEOs nor CFOs are driving digital transformation at present. It is COVID-19, which is fuelling companies to get digitized. According to McKinney’s global survey of executives in the IT sector, digitization is not confined to customer services, alone. Companies have hastened to digitize supply chain interactions and internal operations, including back-office, production, and R&D processes in a span of a few months ever since the outbreak of the global Coronavirus. 

Under ideal conditions, what would be taking seven to eight years to see such a transformation has unfolded in a few months. This was particularly true in the case of companies adopting remote working. Companies were 40 times quicker than thought before the pandemic in making space for remote working. In just 11 days, companies have offered a workable solution for the employees to operate from remote. For organizations, technology adoption is not just hardware installation or getting software licenses. Organizations are rather getting their entire business operations integrated with the technology.

How Workflow Automation Unfolds Innovation in IT Sector?

Information Technology is an integral part of the manufacturing and service sectors, spanning a wide spectrum of business entities including banking, insurance, healthcare, education, automobiles, and the government. The IT industry will be spending $5.6 trillion in the year 2022 globally, as hardware, software, and ERP solution providers to several business entities, which maintain a unique workflow.  

Automating IT operations goes a long way in enhancing efficiency, by reducing cost and time spent on accomplishing daily routine. 

IT Manufacturing

Workflow automation of IT manufacturing includes procurement, inventory management, supply chain management, quality management, and delivery. Automating this workflow enables IT managers to speed up the communication and information exchange process at each stage to remove the bottlenecks in procuring the finest materials to assemble, maintain, and deliver the product. 

Automation in the IT manufacturing sector maintains inventory without error.  It integrates the data into a powerful dashboard that updates the inventory details for the manager to act at the right time. Workflow automation identifies the hiccups in the supply chain process. The system generates automated alerts and intervenes at the crucial phase to remove the roadblocks.

Tech companies abide by the local and global compliance norms. The data-centric IT manufacturing sector relies heavily on cloud-native platforms for storing documents and data, which is open for a digital audit trail. An operations head created and stored a procurement contract on the cloud-native platforms, sealing it with a digital seal and an electronic signature. The document remains tamper-proof and free from fraudulent hackers.

IT Finance Department Workflow Automation

All manufacturing decisions are subjected to budget approvals. IT finance department remains crucial in processing the requests without delay. Workflow automation exempts manual data entry and enhances efficiency. The finance manager can create a quotation order form, tender agreements, and financial estimations with accuracy. The manager can drag-n-drop his electronic signature swiftly to share the document on a collaborative platform that allows the recipients to reciprocate with questions, suggestions, clarifications, and more.

Automating Sales and Marketing Wings

The sales manager or executive in any IT manufacturing or service industry can create, access, store, and share sales deeds, customer data, licensing agreements, and service contracts on a central repository. He can access them to sign electronically and dispatch them to any client globally, using cloud-based solutions. The recipients waste no time waiting for the documents to reach them through an email or an express courier service, which is expensive and time-consuming. Automation of workflow facilitates speed, accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

The marketing department, if integrated with the AI-embedded document management system, sheds light on customer personality traits and purchasing behavior. Information related to customer behavior is useful for the marketing department to design customer-centric media campaigns, and omnichannel strategies to reach the customers efficiently with a personalized message to boost return on investment.

IT Operations

In-house workflow automation of the entire IT operations integrates the IT network of finance, legal, sales, marketing, and administrative departments to boost efficiency.

Workflow Automation at eSigns

eSigns offers one the finest and the most advanced workflow automation solutions to various manufacturing and service sector industries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Australia. Unlike may predecessors and peers, eSigns workflow automation solutions vary in many ways;

eSigns offers an advanced tool that combines electronic signature features with a document management system. These features turn eSigns workflow management tool as the most dynamic product to provide swift, agile, and flexible workflow management models to various industries. 

  • It acquires the characteristic traits of the industry where it operates and offers no-code document/template management solutions.
  • Managers and the workforce in IT companies can drag and drop templates to autofill data, text, images, and formulae.
  • It is flexible enough to meet the workflow management requirements of the small, medium, and large-scale entities. 
  • It fits well within the cloud-based as well as server-based office environment.
  • AI-integrated document management system maintains logbooks and enables digital audit trails to ensure privacy and data safety.
  • eSigns follows two-step personal authentication to ensure the recipient’s/user identity to avoid tampering, data leaks, and piracy.
  • eSigns offers a central repository to manage, edit, share, and sign contracts, agreements, and deeds electronically, with a legally valid electronic signature.
  • eSigns complies with GDPR and other globally accepted regulatory norms like CCPA.
  • It is a highly collaborative platform to enable user interaction for instant modification of the contracts and the sales agreement deeds.
  • eSigns offers a transparent platform, open for digital audit trails
  • Multiple stakeholders can send, receive, and sign documents electronically, simultaneously to complete the historic project agreements, mergers, and acquisition deeds.

Future of the Workflow Automation

The digital transformation that started unfolding during the pandemic will remain for long and continue in the future with many adaptations to the customer needs. eSigns is eager to introduce entities within this workflow automation tool to help organizations to create entities to manage data strategically to draw valid inferences for straggly and policy making. eSigns integrates the external and the internal sources of information to build a dashboard for the policymakers and IT leaders to develop strategies to conclude deals and further product innovations.

For more details on eSigns workflow management features, book a demo and avail a three month free trial today.

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