Abortion Doctor In Delhi – How To Find The Best One

Getting rid of unwanted pregnancy is nothing new if you are not mentally and financially prepared. As per the world count, India has a 3.1% of abortion rate, ranking 54 globally. Therefore, there is a growing demand for abortion doctors in Delhi. So, finding the right name is a crucial task to cover, especially for new parents.

It has been estimated that there were 15.6 million abortions in India in 2015. The abortion rate was 47 per 1000 women within the age group of 15 to 49 years. Around 22% of that was procured in healthcare facilities, and 73% were done using medications.  

If you want a safe abortion, looking for the best doctor is a necessity. However, with so many names available in the market, how can you possibly choose the best one? Well, here, you will learn some tricks on how to select the best abortion doctor in Delhi.

Finding the best abortion doctor in Delhi:

In order to catch up with the best abortion doctor, you must learn about the clinic or hospital he is associated with. Focusing on the clinic’s reputation will help you learn a bit more about the doctor.

Remember that all abortion clinics are different. It depends on where you live and how the healthcare facilities operate. It is vital to choose one that offers you compassionate, safe, and high-quality care not just during the procedure but after the abortion as well.

Always be clear of the fake clinics:

Unfortunately, some people prey upon vulnerable women to make money on the side. These fake groups or clinics will refer to them as “crisis pregnancy centres” and will advertise aggressively under the abortion umbrella.

  • To avoid working with a fake group of people, call their clinics immediately to ask if they provide medical or surgical abortions.
  • It is a red sign if they are forcing you to come down to their centre for details rather than providing simple answers.

Reputed abortion doctors in Delhi will never involve in such scam cases. For these doctors, it is all about the patient’s health and supporting their mental condition. So, differentiating reputed healthcare centres from fake options is important.

Avoid trusting ads in the phonebook or over the internet:

Just because you are watching an expensive ad that doesn’t mean the clinic is good. To find the best abortion doctor in Delhi, you have to look beyond these flashy advertisements. Before even clicking on any of the advertisements, use the links to see if these are clinics within your community.

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Procuring referrals from people you trust:

Someone in your family must have worked with a reputed abortion doctor in Delhi before. If you trust those people, asking for their referrals won’t be a tough call. As they are your close friends or family members, they always want the best for you. So, they will provide you with detailed information about the doctor and how well his services are.

  • If you are satisfied with the testimonials, you can start by giving him a call.
  • First, you need to book an appointment for a consultation period.
  • Here, the doctor will have a direct chat with you regarding the present condition of your pregnancy.
  • He will determine whether you should opt for medicine abortion or minimally invasive surgery. It depends on how further along you are in your pregnancy stage.

Reputed doctors will not just provide you with detailed information about the abortion process but will let you know more about post-surgical care.

Always ask about their services:

Before finalizing an abortion doctor in Delhi, you have to ask them about their services. Do they offer just medicine abortion or have surgical options available? Most of them will have both. There are some important questions you need to ask beforehand.

  • Can you bring a friend or family member with you?
  • How many visits do you have to cover before getting the final result?
  • What types of anaesthesia will they administer?
  • What will be their steps during emergencies?
  • How far is the clinic from where you are located?

Answering these simple questions will let you know more about the clinic and the doctor. Depending on the answers, you can opt for the right partner.

Getting help from well-trained experts:

There is no secondary choice when it comes to abortion doctors in Delhi because you want services from the best. Yes, it might take some time to catch up with the best abortion doctor, especially when you have plenty of options. However, following the points mentioned above, it won’t be difficult to catch up with the right team of experts.

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