8 Common Procedures: Role of Pediatric Dentists to Perform them

Pediatric Dentists

Do you know pediatric dentists specialize in taking care of your child’s oral health? They treat cavities with crowns or fallings, remove tartar and plaque during routine checkups and resolve orthodontic problems with retainers or braces. Besides, pediatric dentists monitor the growth of the teeth of your child. Here are eight common dental methods pediatric dentists perform to improve your overall condition.

  1. Mouth cleanings – It is necessary to clean your mouth properly from the professionals to improve oral well-being for a long term. Children need to visit a dentist once in every six months for their mouth cleaning and regular checkup. The baby teeth require same level of care like adult teeth, even though they will fall out in due course.

    During routine dental cleaning, pediatric dentist eliminates the buildup of tartar and plaque with special tools. These tools have been designed specifically for children and we take X-rays for your fluoride treatment. Routine cleanings are necessary as kids consume more sugar when compared to adults and have bad oral hygiene habits. These dental appointments will help to assess the development of adult teeth and check for anomalies of your kid.

  2. Fluoride treatment – Fluoride is necessary as it strengthen the teeth enamel, restore decalcified areas and prevent tooth decay. When the mineral composition of tooth enamel weakens, there is the formation of cavities. Due to this reason, it is advised to select toothpaste that contains fluoride. This is why a pediatric dentist applies fluoride treatment during your child’s routine checkup.
  3. Fillings treatment – This is among the common dental treatments performed by pediatric dentists. Most children suffer from the problem of tooth decay due to several reasons. For example, their primary teeth seem to be weak when compared to adult set of them which makes them highly prone to cavities. Besides, children generally eat more sugary foods and drinks.

    This increased intake of sugar feeds the bacteria which remain in your mouth. The bacteria produce acid that eats away tooth enamel forming tooth decay. It is necessary to address cavities quickly before the damage gets serious. Luckily, most cavities can be treated with a quick method known as fillings. Fillings repair tooth decay and the dentist numbs infected tooth before removing all the damaged areas. The tooth will be filled with a durable material for restoring its function and appearance.

  4. Dental crowns – These are another common pediatric dental method for treating several problems such as – damage caused from injury, cavities, cracked teeth or infection. With a dental crown, the child can improve their ability to chew properly without any pain and blend perfectly with natural teeth.
  5. Tooth extraction – Sometimes, a tooth may get damaged due to injury or decay and it is possible to restore it with a dental crown or filling. Your pediatric dentist will suggest a tooth extraction in such case. Your child may need tooth extraction when they have an infected tooth or had an injury while playing sports. There may be sufficient space for the targeted tooth in the mouth and this is why, wisdom teeth are removed. Tooth pulling may be the only suitable way to prevent overcrowding issue. Extraction may sound scary but this is a safe procedure.
  6. Early orthodontic care – The earlier you may identify and solve orthodontic problem, the better it will be for you. The pediatric dentist of your kid checks for bite issues, alignment problems and overcrowding at the time of routine appointments. When you do not address your oral concern on time, these may be the reason for difficulty chewing, greater risk for decay, discomfort and speech problems. Retainers, braces and clear aligners are common orthodontic methods for kids.
  7. Dental sealants – Dental sealants are thin and plastic coatings applied to your kid’s teeth to prevent developing cavities. They may prevent plaque and food debris from accumulating in natural grooves of teeth and on chewing surface. The dentist use sealants on the back teeth and molars which are highly susceptible to decay.
  8. Emergency dental care – Kids will experience injuries which involve their mouth and teeth when playing sports. This is why emergency dental care is provided by pediatric dentists. If your kid had an injury to their mouth such as knocked out or broken tooth, then it is important to visit a dentist soon.

How to teach good dental health habits to your kids

Prevention is always the best medicine and it is important to teach children the importance of maintaining good dental health habits from an early age. They should practice the habit of brushing teeth two times daily, flossing once from an early age which is essential for better dental health. Both parents as well as pediatric dentists should take up the responsibility of educating patients on the best way to take care of their teeth.

Thus, it is advisable to see a dentist in London who will check your oral health and suggest the right treatment to improve overall condition. Make sure you follow their instructions and advice carefully to avoid planning your trip to the dental clinic every now and then.

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