Places of Interest in Hamburg


Whether you’re planning a trip to Hamburg or are already a local, there are a variety of interesting places to see. From the stunning architecture to the world’s largest model railway, there are a number of unique attractions that make this city worth visiting.

Often known as the ‘gateway to Germany’, Hamburg is a dynamic port and economic center. Its cosmopolitan outlook and diverse influences have made it a favorite for many travelers.
St. Nicholas Church

The church of Saint Nicholas in Hamburg is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It was originally a wooden chapel, but it grew into a brick and stone structure.

Today, it is a memorial and an important architectural landmark. It was largely destroyed by bombing raids sehenswürdigkeiten hamburg  during World War II, but the removal of the rubble left only its crypt, site and tall-spired tower, largely hollow save for a large set of bells.

Visitors can take an elevator up to the top of the spire for views of the city and its surrounding alster lakes. There are also history panels and a permanent exhibition dedicated to “Operation Gomorrah 1943”, the devastating air raids on Hamburg during the Second World War.

The church ruins were not restored deliberately; instead, they serve as a memorial to the victims of war and tyranny between 1933 and 1945. Inside the cellar vault there is a museum that shows photos, documents and other artifacts from the time.
St. Michael’s Church

One of Hamburg’s five main Protestant churches (Hauptkirchen), St. Michael’s is a gorgeous baroque church dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Its 132-meter tower dominates the city’s skyline and serves as a landmark for ships entering the Elbe River. The hammered copper tower also houses the largest church tower clock in Germany and offers panoramic views of the city and the harbour from its lookout platform.

The church is also home to the crypts of 2,425 people, including composers Johann Mattheson and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. The crypt is deeply excavated and holds four coffins stacked vertically in its chambers.

Visitors can climb the church’s tower for a stunning view of Hamburg, or stand below to hear the trumpeter blow a verse in all four directions every morning at 10 a.m and evening at 9 p.m. The tower’s clock is the largest of its kind in Germany and visitors can also watch a 30-minute film in the crypt vault about the history of Hamburg.
Hagenbeck Zoo

A visit to Hagenbeck Zoo is an exciting experience for the entire family. It’s the ideal place to see exotic animals, such as elephants and tigers.

The zoo is open all year round, and there are plenty of public transport options available. To get to the zoo, take U2 or bus 22, 39, 181 or 281.

As an animal lover, Carl Hagenbeck wanted to create a zoo where the animals could live in surroundings that were similar to their natural habitats. He patented this idea and established Tierpark Hagenbeck in Stellingen, Hamburg.

At Hagenbeck Zoo, you’ll find 1850 animals living in large, open-air enclosures, which are based on the environment they would find in the wild. There’s also a tropical aquarium with lots of deep-sea creatures, and a petting zoo for kids to have fun.
St. Pauli Cathedral

One of the city’s five Lutheran main churches (Hauptkirchen), St. Pauli Cathedral, colloquially known as Michel, is an important landmark and popular destination for both locals and tourists.

The 132-meter-high tower is a highlight of the building, offering excellent views of Hamburg and the port. The interior is also impressive, with a baptismal and devotional chapels decorated with elaborate paintings.

If you’re interested in a deeper exploration of the church, there are interesting tours offered by guides who specialize in music and organs. You can also visit the church’s crypt, which contains the remains of 2,425 parishioners.

The Speicherstadt – the 19th-century Warehouse District – is another of Hamburg’s highlights, with its continuous lines of tall buildings built up to store goods from all over the world. It’s reputed to be the largest such a district in the world and was in 2015 designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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