Musashi Hamono

The Musashi Hamono brand carries a wide range of knives. These include santoku, gyuto, and bunka knifes that are crafted with a high level of craftsmanship and superior quality steel.

The brand has a history of blacksmithing that allows them to offer customers handmade products. These blades are razor sharp and made of durable materials that make them ideal for preparing meals.

Besides making these beautiful and versatile blades, Musashi Hamono also offers high-level rust prevention camellia oil that helps foster longevity and durability. They also provide sheaths (sayas) that protect your blades from wear and tear.

The Musashi Hamono Yanagiba knife is perfect for slicing raw fish and other seafood in a single stroke. It also helps cut raw meat and turkey quickly.

japanesse knifes

Japan has a long history of sword and knife making. Their pedigree is well-documented, and their knives are world-renowned for their high quality.

Japanese knives are made of carbon steel, which makes them super sharp and durable. They are also rust resistant and easy to maintain.

These knives can be found in all major cities in Japan, as well as various department stores and direct sellers. They are a must have in any kitchen and will be a valuable addition to your toolbox.

They are used for cutting meat, chopping vegetables, and breaking down fish. They are ideal for preparing sushi and sashimi.


Sake is Japan’s national drink and has a long history. It’s a moderately alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.

It is an integral part of Japanese culture, used to flavor marinades and soups. You can find it in stores, izakaya and bars.

There are four basic ingredients to sake: rice, water, koji mold and yeast. During the fermentation process, starch in the rice converts into sugars. The resulting alcohol is then filtered and bottled. There are several kinds of sake, each with their own flavors and aromas.


Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most iconic ramen and the city’s renowned six-spirit iced tea. It’s not for the faint of heart, but this green drink is a refreshing concoction with just the right mix of sweet and sour.

The ramen itself has slightly curly noodles that are cooked in a soy-flavored chicken broth that has a touch of the dashi magic. This combination of dashi and soy sauce is a winning combination for many Japanese, especially for those with a taste for the savory and sweet in their food.

There are several types of ramen, but the most common ones include shoyu ramen, shio ramen and the ever popular pork ramen. In addition to their namesake soups, these are also known for their unique toppings and garnishes.

Cutitul bucatarului Tokyo Style 21cm

Magazinul Tokyo Style importat cutitele japoneze profesionale de Musashi Hamono, un brand ce are o istorie peste 250 ani. Aceste cutitele sunt realizate manual de maestri fierari cu zeci de experienta, rezultatul fiind unul de exceptie pentru inceput.

Marea bune si incomparabil, acest model de cutitele Seki Magoroku Shoso are inspirat din ustensilele traditionale japoneze, oferind la o mai usoara masina grija – ideal pentru bucatarii profesionisti. Astfel, acesta este foarte bine ascutita si mult preferat in lumea celor stres, deoarece reprezinta o lama puternica, resilienta si durabile minunat.

Toate cutitele Tokyo Style 21cm are realizate in otel carbon VG-10, o aliaj inoxidabil de inalta calitate dezvoltata Takefu Special Steel, oferind un aspect elegant dar nu doar un duritate foarte scump. In acelasi timp, acest model de lama poate schimba puterea totuși in urma societatiilor profesionale si pragmatilor care au nevoie pe masura.

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