Unlock Your Inner Detective at a Murder Mystery Event 



If you’ve ever dreamed of being a detective, now’s your chance! Murder mystery events are the perfect way to get together with friends, family, and colleagues while solving a thrilling murder mystery. From roaring 20’s themed parties to modern day contemporary plays, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Read on for more information about these fun and engaging events! 


What is a Murder Mystery Event? 


A murder mystery event is an interactive dinner party that puts your detective skills to the test. An actor plays the part of the victim, and it’s up to you and your guests to uncover who committed the crime by questioning suspects and looking for clues. These events are popular for corporate team building events, birthday parties, bridal showers and more. 


How Do They Work? 


Each event begins with everyone receiving their character details – including how they know each other and their alibis – so they can begin acting in character right away. At different points throughout the night, clues will be revealed that can help narrow down the list of suspects. The inspector will then question all participants to see if they can piece together what happened before revealing who actually committed the crime. 


What Are Some Things To Consider Before Booking? 


Before booking a murder mystery event, consider how many people you want to invite as well as how long you want the event to last. You should also decide whether you would like an experienced host or if you prefer to host it yourself privately. Lastly, think about what type of theme or play style appeals most to you – from classic mysteries set in the 1920’s to modern-day contemporary plays – so that everyone enjoys themselves!  




Unlocking your inner detective has never been easier than with a murder mystery event! Whether you want to host one privately or join us for a weekend away full of suspenseful adventure, our selection of themed events has something for everyone. With intriguing stories and characters that come alive right before your eyes, get ready to solve puzzles like never before! Get ready for an unforgettable experience – book your next murder mystery today! CALL 07792114861 Now!

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