3 Actionable Ways To Add Google Reviews To Your HTML Website

Add Google Reviews To Your HTML

Having easy access to the Internet has made marketing easy and challenging simultaneously. From cleaning services to software, every business needs reviews and feedback. It has become rare for any brand to survive without feedback or reviews. 

As per the report by Bright Local, 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And looking at the vast scope of reviews, brands, and businesses have started to embed reviews on their websites. 

And if you have a website, we are sure you are running on WordPress or HTML. And we are here for you if you worry about embedding Google reviews in HTML websites or embedding any reviews on your website. 

This blog will discuss the Google review widget HTML embedding process and WordPress. So hang tight, read this blog till the end, and thank us later. 

Unbeatable Ways To Add Reviews To Your HTML And WordPress Website 

A sales funnel is incomplete without reviews and feedback. Attracting new customers to your business can be quickly done with reviews and feedback. And here is the exciting fact, you do not have to run a marketing campaign 365 days. A set of positive reviews can do the job for you. Look at the easiest ways to embed all reviews in HTML and WordPress websites, including Google reviews. We will first discuss two feasible methods for embedding Google reviews in HTML websites and then cover WordPress. 

It might have crossed your mind that embedding Google Reviews in HTML can be tough to achieve. But we have come up with the two easiest methods possible. Have a look. 

1). Use A Social Media Aggregator Tool 

A social media aggregator tool will help you fetch all the reviews on your different platforms. You can have all of them on your HTML website, be it Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews. But before this, you have to choose the perfect aggregator tool for your website. Most aggregator tools are low-code platforms, so even a non-tech-savvy one can manage the tool efficiently. 

You have to go to the tool’s dashboard, choose the sources such as Google reviews, Yelp Reviews, or Facebook reviews on the website, and choose your preferred CMS platform as HTML. And the rest is just a copy-paste gig. 

Besides, most of these aggregator tools help you customize your review widget’s overall look. For example, you can change the themes and layout of the widget to go with the brand image. Additionally, you can remove the feedback from the widget if you do not feel confident about it.

2). Screenshot Method

Another excellent method for embedding any type of review, including Google review, in an HTML website is the Screenshot method. You have to choose the reviews you want to showcase on the HTML website. Then, take a screenshot of those reviews and paste it into the website’s backend.

However, unlike aggregator tools, this will not allow you to update the reviews from time to time. You will have to update the reviews widget if you would like to showcase another set of reviews. Besides, with this method, you do not even get to customize the review widget. This method is only helpful if you want to showcase only one or two reviews on your website. 

3). If You Have A WordPress Website 

Nearly one out of five websites are built with WordPress. And chances are you are one of them. So, to embed Google reviews, including all the major types of reviews, you can opt for any plugin dedicated to review widget. 

While you are choosing the best plugins for your WordPress website, we were hoping you could go through some checklists. For example, ensure the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Meanwhile, it should give you enough scope to customize your review widget. It should let you change the fonts’ card curve style and color. 

These features might seem negligible at first, but they can make a massive difference to the overall appearance of your review widget. This will later help you retain the online visitor on your website for a longer time. But remember that for this, you will amalgamate your review that is worth your readers’ time. 

Now that you know all three effective methods of embedding reviews on HTML and WordPress websites, let us understand how critical reviews are for your business and website. 

Jaw-Dropping Benefits Of Reviews On Your HTML & WordPress Website 

No matter what niche you belong to, know that reviews and feedback play an integral part in your business. In fact, reviews work for your business, even when you are not running any marketing campaigns. Look at the benefits of using the review widget on your website. 

  • Escalated Conversion Rates: Think of yourself as a customer. Would you buy something from a website with no reviews on it? Most probably not! A mere reassurance from a stranger who will receive nothing from the ordinary can help business owners sell their products and services. 
  • Improved search engine optimization: We are aware that many business owners have had trouble with SEO rankings. And most of you must be struggling to crack its code. So, this is the magic ingredient. Your company’s SEO rating improves as more people talk about it online. Therefore, gather as many evaluations and comments as possible for your company.

In A Nutshell 

Having a good impression on your customers is more important. And we are sure you must have spent tons of time and money on this. It is time you realize that embedding Google reviews in HTML or your WordPress website can change the game for you. You only have to conquer to fetch reviews for your business. 

We have mentioned all three easy methods of embedding Google reviews in HTML and WordPress websites and all the other types of reviews. So get up and get going.

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