Interesting Facts About Mini Putt Golf

The trending sport of mini Putt Golf has interesting origins and some fun facts to discover. At Golfland, each theme park has at least one beautiful putt-putt course, making players a land of excitement and adventure. Invites you to with several other attractions and delicious dining options, our park is perfect for a great outing with loved ones, colleagues, or social groups.

Interesting Facts about Mini Golf

Mini Putt Golf is a globally recognized competitive sport that is practiced professionally by many enthusiastic golfers. Its official governing body, the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF), has more than 40,000 registered players from over 30 countries.

Here are more details about the fun sport of mini Putt Golf.

  • Mini golf is a game with many names. Miniature golf, miniature golf, putt putt, goofy golf, Shorty, mini golf, mini putt are just a few of its many nicknames.
  • The world’s oldest known miniature golf course, St Andrews’ Ladies’ Putting Club, is located in Scotland. Adjacent to the legendary St Andrews Golf Course, a regular venue for the Open Championship.
  • In the early days of mini Putt Golf, there were no custom themes or fancy automated barriers. Instead, the previous course consisted of pipes, barrels, gutters, and old tires as fun obstacles to challenge the golfer’s skill.
  • The first famous miniature golf course in the United States opened in 1916 in Pinehurst, California. Called Thistle Dhu, the name, pronounced “that’s enough”, was a pun to suggest that this was enough, not a full his size golf course.
  • Miniature golf became so popular in the United States that by the late 1920s there were approximately 150 miniature golf courses in New York City alone. Many of these were on the roofs of the city’s famous skyscrapers. Most of them closed after the Great Depression. The WMF recognizes four types of mini golf tournaments: Mini Golf, Felt Golf, Concrete Golf and Mini Golf Open Standard (MOS).
  • The idea of ​​glow-in-the-dark mini golf courses originated in Scandinavian countries like Finland.
  • This sport deserves a special day dedicated to its name. It’s a great time to plan a mini golf trip with your family and friends.
  • Compete for the top score at the nearby Golfland miniature golf course
  • Golf land’s miniature golf courses are the perfect setting for an exciting outing with family, friends, colleagues or that special someone. Since 1953, our theme parks and water parks have provided wholesome, family-friendly entertainment throughout California and Arizona. For larger groups, contact us for convenient event planning and catering services.
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