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Every day, we bring you a new app, and the one that you all love the most is the rewritten version of WhatsApp that we offer to you. JtWhatsApp APK Due to the many useful features they contain, these altered versions are extremely useful. Therefore, JT WhatsApp is yet another reworked version.

The altered versions include various useful features. The same holds true for this mod as well. You will get some additional useful features in this mod, such as the ability to hide your contacts’ blue ticks while still seeing them and the same is true for status viewing.

In addition, this app has a lot of cool themes of its own, as seen in many other modded versions. You can use a variety of themes with WhatsApp. Whichever you choose, you can use it.

The subsequent instance in this app consists of the various customization options available for the app’s items. Different UI elements can have their colors, locations, sizes, and other settings altered.

The maximum file size that could be sent in the default version was 100 MB. However, this restriction has been lifted, and you can now send larger files with the JT WhatsApp Apk.

JtWhatsApp APK Features:

Let’s take a look at the features of JT WhatsApp in the text below to learn more about it.

Check Out Deleted Texts:

You will still be able to see the message that your contact sent you even though they immediately deleted it for everyone. In groups, this option also works.

Individual Privacy Settings:

You can apply custom privacy settings to each of your contacts separately with separate privacy settings. For example, if you want one contact to see your blue tick but not another, you can use this custom privacy option to do so.

Automated Message Response:

This app has a feature called auto-reply to messages that you can use. You only need to type a message and select the time it should be used. Anyone who contacts you after that point android mobile will immediately receive this recorded message.

Scheduler for messages:

This app also has a message scheduler for you to use. Simply type in your message, select the contact to whom you want to send it, and then choose the time. Additionally, that individual will receive that message without delay after that point.

Message the number directly:

This app lets you text the number without saving it. You don’t have to remember the phone number if you just type it in and send a message to it right away.

Set of Emoji:

You can also use your own custom emojis to replace WhatsApp’s default set of emojis. Emojis come in a variety of sets, and you can also use your own custom pack.

Update for JT WhatsApp:

If you’re still using an older version of JT Whatsapp, you should upgrade right away by downloading the most recent version from Mobapks.com. The apk has been tested by us. All Android devices are compatible with it, and it works perfectly.


You might think that because this JT WhatsApp has so many additional features, it must be difficult to use, but this is not the case. GBWhatsApp APK This app is very simple to use, and you can use the settings to access all of its features.

In addition to sending photos and videos in their original quality, which was the primary issue with the default app, there is support for additional file extensions. In addition, when you use the app, the floating toast notification will let you know who is online.

What’s New?

Presently, numerous themes are available.
The number of status characters has increased.
Increased capacity to send multiple photos at once.


To conclude, this JT WhatsApp is a great alternative if you like modified version of WhatsApp. You can use all of this app’s exciting features by downloading it from our link.

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